Arrange the parts of the GTA series according


Arrange the parts of the GTA series according

Arrange the parts of the GTA series according to the difficulty of the missions.
The GTA series presented many parts with different stories in various open worlds and missions that fans of this series may not have forgotten in its different parts, especially those missions that are usually difficult and challenge the player in order to continue his progress in the game.

Here in this report, we will talk about the difficulty of these missions in all parts of the series, as we will arrange the parts of the GTA series according to the difficulty of the missions from the easiest to the most difficult.


The latest and last part of the series, where the game was launched almost 8 years ago, so it can be said that it is the longest in terms of life span, which apparently will extend for several years to come as well. provided by the game.

It can be said that the missions were normal and did not carry any challenge to the players compared to the previous parts, and this may be good for some players, especially those who are not looking for complexity and all they are looking for is the excitement of shooting, looting money and escaping, but there are also players from the audience of the series who are looking for a challenge in executing Missions and trying again and again in order to succeed in them, but this audience never found its purpose in GTA 5.


It comes in second place after GTA 5 in terms of the difficulty of the missions, as the game focused here on the principle of giving the player freedom of movement, exploration and theft of vehicles, but the new trend was in the application of some realism in the hand-to-hand combat system, which relied on a new movement system that may have given the game some difficulty or made the system of Fighting is annoying to some.

Also, some of the game missions may be a bit annoying, but in the end they are not difficult or complicated for the players.

GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of the series because of the difficulty of its missions, ranging from challenging racing missions and the use of RC vehicles to some missions that left many angry because of the repeated implementation of several times in order to overcome them.

One of the most important missions of the game that many may remember because of its difficulty is the Demolition Man mission, which many of us needed several attempts to overcome, and even if you were one of the experienced who skipped it from the first or second attempt, this mission succeeded in making you angry for some time.


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It is also one of the parts of the series that has challenged the players with its difficulty, and there are many fans of the series who have not yet completed all the missions of the game.

One of these missions is Espresso-2-Go which requires you to keep a copy of the game map in your head as the game does not show the mini-map when performing the task and here you have to perform this task visualizing the map in your head while you will have a specific time to complete it.

GTA San Andreas

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With pride, GTA San Andreas ranks first among the parts of the series that challenged players to carry out missions, including the Flight school missions that will take you a long time and many attempts to overcome.

Also, one of the most difficult missions in the game was the Freefall mission, which requires you to chase one of the fastest planes in the game using the slowest plane in it, and when you catch it, you have to land from it to the fast plane and control it, what makes this mission difficult is that you have a specific time to complete it.

Also, the Wrong Side of the Tracks mission, during which you will have to take “Big Smoke” with you on a bike and follow a fast train in order to eliminate some of the guards on the roof of the train. This mission requires you to have good control of the bike so that Big Smoke can eliminate the enemies Before the train departs and the mission fails.

What was the part of the series where you felt the missions were difficult and took you a long time to finish?