Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions

Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions

Top 10 sites to measure real internet speed in mega for 2022

An internet speed test is one of the best ways to know the true speed of the internet line or when the internet package runs out. 
It also enables you to benefit the most from your internet service provider.
 Here we must point out that the user must perform independent tests that do not follow any service provider. , where you can easily check the speed by knowing the internet speed of the router Through its settings, but to be more sure by using a site to measure the speed of the Internet from neutral third parties specialized for this purpose to make sure that you get the best results, and there is no one at the present time who does not use the Internet, whether through computers, laptops or smart phones The Internet has become the language of the modern era because it performs many services for the consumer, and there are many people who suffer from slow Internet speed, while there are others who are proud of the high speed of their Internet, and this varies all over the world from one country to another, and for Internet service providers they also boast With high Internet speeds in advertisements and to meet all the desires of the consumer, therefore, it must be ensured that the Internet provider will provide many services, including the speed of download and download and other services, and from here the user must perform a test of his Internet speed through a measurement siteThe speed of the Internet and this is what we will talk about today via a report on The 10 best sites to measure the real Internet speed in mega for the year 2022,  which also provides through which you can download programs and applications for it on your phone on the Android or iPhone operating system or the desktop computer for free, enabling you to test and measure the Internet speed at the same time.

And to help stabilize the internet speed, you can use the dns service from many service providers in the world by choosing a fast DNS that helps you to easily browse different websites when browsing suddenly becomes sour, and many people may not think about measuring the internet speed if it is good And it does its job acceptable, either in the event that it is slow in downloading or downloading, or the user has already noticed a very slow Internet work. 
It is worth noting that the speed of the Internet is often measured in megabytes per second, and Internet speed measurement sites are able to measure the download speed of web pages and the speed of the connection With information, these applications can also give you an indication in the event that the Internet speed changes automatically.

List of the best internet speed measurement sites in 2022

You do not need to worry now about how to perform the benchmarking test because this is very easy, all you have to do is open and run your internet speed test site and it will tell you by itself about the real speed of your actual connection or the connection at the present time by using the contact information and thus you can work A comparison between the internet speed offered to you by the service provider and what you actually get at the present time and thus you can monitor your use of the Internet and make sure that you are actually getting what you pay for the service of the Internet provider, and now we will leave you with a list of the best sites used for this purpose.

1 - Google Fiber Speed Test Site

This site tests the speed of the Internet for free provided by Google, which is one of the original Internet service providers around the world, and we note that many people rely on wireless communications to activate and operate the Internet service and connection, and it also provides the ability to download the company’s application as it comes with a very easy and simple user interface and this What many users expect from Google, as it is an application free of crowded ads where users are directed to press the play button and therefore this will lead to the start of the process of measuring the Internet speed and then the results of the speed will appear in the speedometer in the middle of the screen and from here you can Learn more about speed results in general, what affects speeds and also how to improve speed.

2 - Speedtest by Ookla

This site is considered the original provider of Internet speed tests and it is completely free and therefore the user can trust in the results it provides, as it provides accurate results for network performance and accurately diagnosed by clicking on a single button and from here the user can benefit from these free tests to measure the speed of the Internet and know All information related to Internet speeds in real time, and also provides an application that you can download on your phone that differs from other Internet speed measurement applications in that it is not a service provider and therefore is not biased to the interests of any provider and therefore can provide accurate results and a person can use the application anywhere In the world and measure the speed of the Internet from anywhere. 
You can also specify the region and the place you are in by clicking on the change server link and entering the search process in the search bar. This is very convenient in remote geographical areas, but contains some ads.

3 - NetSpot

This site provides an application and a program that performs analysis and coverage of wireless areas and network security as well and many other services that the application can provide to you. 
By analyzing the application of the behavior of the wireless connection frequency and scanning the entire site, in addition to the possibility of determining and covering your Wi-Fi network, and also you can get the best coverage by understanding where the device is placed with the ability to collect important information about the network and network workplaces faster and better in order to improve problems On the other hand, this application works as a repairer that solves all network and network connection problems by identifying sources of wireless faults while receiving the service, and it can also give solutions and professional suggestions.

4 - Verizon Speed Test website

This site is one of the most famous sites in the United States of America, where it is used by more than 147 million people, as well as Internet service providers. 
A large set of tips and important information for the user, but unfortunately this site is not currently working in America only and may be used at any time for users all over the world.

5 - Fast . site

This site is free and easy to use to test and measure the Internet speed and this site belongs to Netflix, and it is able to measure the Internet speed by testing your Internet connection between your device and the Netflix servers, and also provides you with the ability to know if your current connection speed can know the movies that it shows The famous Netflix site, and therefore this site gives you the same results that you can get through the Internet service provider, but the disadvantage is that it does not provide you with all the information to the user about the speed of the Internet and solutions to its problems.

6 -

This site is one of the Internet speed test sites designed in the new HTML5 language and works on all operating systems.
 It can also work for mobile phones through its own application. 
It can test the download and upload speed and display it through the graph. 
If you are looking for a site or application for multiple speed tests Over time, it is better for you as it helps you compare the previous results with the current results, and it also enables you to know the time when your internet connection is good.

7 - AT&T Internet Speed Test

This site provides a test and measurement of Internet speed through the DSLRreports tool, and this tool works very well as it shows you accurate results and the results are displayed in the form of a car number, but it displays many services like other sites that display some information about the Internet service provider or address your IP.

8 - Xfinity Speed Test Site 

This site provides Internet speed tests through the Comcast Cable Communications tool, which is an easy tool to conduct an Internet speed test quickly.
 The process may take just a few seconds to obtain a measurement of the speed of the Internet in downloading and uploading, and the site automatically chooses the server to perform a ping test to measure all private speeds You can also specify the location of your test with the possibility of suggesting some tips for you to increase the speed of the Internet by informing you of the capabilities of your Internet service.

9 - Meteor application site

This application is a free Internet speed measure through OpenSignal and works on Android and iPhone operating systems only.
 The application also allows you to test the download and download speeds. The application also provides a division of the performance of the phone applications that you use, such as Facebook, YouTube and others into 4 categories and determine the evaluation of each An application that depends on the connection of the private network to the Internet, and all you have to do is click on the application to be tested, such as Facebook, for example, and an analysis of the strength of your Internet connection will be provided at this time.

10 - SpeedSmart Site

This site offers a useful test for Internet speed, upload and download speed, as well as information about your carrier and the IP address used in the test. Through its support for Android and iPhone systems.

How is internet speed measured?

 The internet speed is measured by determining the data related to download speeds and upload speeds per second, through which a person can connect to the Internet in the allowed quantity. 
The Internet connection transmits thousands of bits per second, and sites for measuring Internet speed use prefixes such as giga, mega, and kilobits for measuring units of Internet speeds. 
Mostly, you find all or all sites that use a megabyte per second more than using a kilobyte per second, or Gigabytes per second because megabytes per second is more suitable for measuring Internet speeds.

What is a good internet speed?

We can learn about the best Internet speed or the amount of good Internet speed. 
If your Internet speed reaches 25 megabytes per second or more, then know that you have a good Internet speed. 
These speeds include all the activities you do through the Internet, including playing games and watching high-definition content. 
Or downloading high-definition videos and uploading them as well, browsing the web, downloading music clips and other other activities, but if you have high and high Internet speeds, they reach more than 100 megabytes per second, especially if you use many devices or many users access Your internet at one time or at the same time and here these speeds, whether upload, upload or download speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second or more, are considered high speeds.

This is because it is able to deal with a lot of activities that many users do at the same time without any problems, slow or interruption of the Internet service. 
As for Internet speeds of up to 10 megabytes per second or higher, they are considered fast for downloading, because they can Dealing with the common activities of ordinary users easily and simply, as it takes less than 10 minutes to download a file with a large size of up to 700 MB, with an internet connection at a speed of 10 MB per second, while the speeds below that at the present time are considered slow and not suitable for the requirements of the times.

What should I do if my internet speed is slow?

Just remember that all Internet service companies and providers provide speeds that can be estimated as "up to", which means that they can change during daylight hours and not reach their maximum limits as a result of the intense load and severe pressure on the company's servers and servers and therefore if you want to measure your Internet speed In your network, you will have to rely on one of the programs in this report and measure the speed at different times of the day and once you know what the average speed of your network is, you can then take some actions to improve the network speed or fix any problems that are causing the slow speed.

Here are some very important tips that you should follow:
Restart and replace the router: Make sure that in most cases the problem is caused by the use of a poorly made modem or router, and often the speed may return to its normal levels as soon as you do a “restart” of the router. 
If that doesn't work, it may be best to consider replacing the router.
Change the cable: If you are using an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, try replacing the cable as it is normal for moisture and high sunlight to corrode the copper wires inside Cat5 cables.
Adjust the router settings: Go to the router settings and try to reduce the number of devices connected to the Internet at the same time and watch the results.
Avoid splitter boxes: Line heat distribution devices often cause a low signal and a drop in Internet speed, so try not to rely on them and measure the speed afterwards.
Scan your system: Try to close the programs that are running in the background as they can rob your bandwidth completely, you should also scan your system for viruses and malware.
Factory reset the router: Try resetting the router again and rely on the most popular and accurate speed meter software to know the maximum speed that your Internet can reach.
Communicate with the service provider: If all the previous solutions did not work, then there is no longer any solution for you but to contact the service provider to fix any problems with your internet line or contract with them for a subscription plan with higher speeds.

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