Find influencers to promote your products

Learn about a free search engine to find influencers in any field to promote your products for free

Find influencers to promote your products

Find influencers to promote your products using a free search engine

With more and more users turning to Instagram and other social media platforms for product recommendations, brands are looking for ways to take advantage of this digital movement. They are looking for ways to promote their products. 

As a marketing strategy, influencer marketing has become more popular among companies to market brands and products such as shoes, clothes, etc. 

According to Instagram, 70% of brands now use influencer marketing and for no small reason, it gives very effective results. If you are unsure of the right way to influencer marketing and are wondering if it is worth the investment, today we are excited to share with you Easy Bloggers, a platform that makes it easy to find influencers in various niches with just a few clicks. The tool is completely free and provides a great deal of information to get satisfactory results.

After entering Easy Bloggers , you will have to enter relevant words to find the right influencers. You can configure your search based on precise criteria and filters such as price, age, and even country. 

The tool presents a set of different profiles and data about them, such as the name of the influencer, the number of subscribers as well as metrics such as the recommended price of the campaign, the rate of likes and conversions, among others. It should be noted that the data presented are close estimates. To get real data, it is better to contact the influencer directly.

Easy Bloggers also provides a dedicated branding section to make it easy to set up a marketing campaign thanks to a ready-made marketing plan that includes a lot of information about influencers.