Game of Thrones star Clive Mantle wins colossal £100,000


Game of Thrones star Clive Mantle wins colossal £100,000 

 Beat the Chasers: Game of Thrones star Clive Mantle wins colossal £100,000 for a noble cause in enthusiastic scenes
Clive dealt with the unimaginable accomplishment on Monday (Picture: ITV)
Beat the Chasers fans saw perhaps the greatest win as of late on Monday night's show, as Game of Thrones star Clive Mantle won an enormous £100,000 for a noble cause.

The 63-year-old combat his direction to a popular triumph in the wake of going toward probably the best quizzers in the country during a nailbiting episode.

The entertainer was playing to win assets for the National Youth Theater of Great Britain, in an episode that likewise featured Omid Djalili, Jenny Eclair, and Richard Whitehead.

As host Bradley Walsh presented Clive, referred to for his job as Lord Greatjon Umber in Game of Thrones, just as parts in Casualty and Holby City, few might have anticipated the enormous success to come.

In the wake of bringing £3,000 up in the money developer round, he was offered a selection of choices. He chose to chance it and face five chasers with 41 seconds on the clock for the six-figure aggregate.

A strained last round followed, with Clive winning with a noteworthy 14 seconds left.

Clive was saluted by Bradley and the chasers (Picture: ITV)
'What an exhibition!' Bradley said, commending the 'phenomenal' result.

'I can't stop for a minute that cash will accomplish for the adolescent theater,' Clive said.

The entertainer appeared to be enthusiastic after the success, pausing for a minute to pull it together in the wake of blowing the chasers away.

The chasers praised him on the triumph and Shaun Wallace selected his right 'Oedipus complex' reply as the most amazing of the round.
Clive is referred to for her presentation as Lord Greatjon Umber (Picture: HBO)
Fans took to online media after the episode to compliment Clive on the 'enthusiastic' win, with one composition: 'I really feel a piece passionate!!! All around good done Clive!!!!!!'

One more expressed: 'What splendid execution by Clive Mantle on Beat the Chasers.'

Clive is known for her performance as Lord Greatjon Umber (Picture: HBO)
Fans took to social media after the episode to congratulate Clive on the ‘emotional’ win, with one writing: ‘I actually feel a bit emotional!!! Well done Clive!!!!!!’

Another said: ‘What brilliant performance by Clive Mantle on Beat the Chasers.’

‘Wonderful win on #BeatTheChasers with the brilliant #clivemantle for @NYTofGB – brought a tear to my eye,’ one more added.




 Congrats Clive!

It comes after The Chase fans cheered Mark 'The Beast' Labbett for aiding make the game a more equivalent battleground when he was facing to some extent blind hopeful, Annah, as of late.

The Beast is known for his straightforward methodology on the ITV show, frequently flaunting his disappointments when he performs beneath his assumptions. However, in a new episode of the lunchtime test, Mark set his cutthroat nature to the side somewhat when he encountered an outwardly hindered player.

Beat the Chasers is accessible to watch on ITV Hub.