16 basic programs that every architect needs

16 basic programs that every architect needs

16 basic programs that every architect needs, with direct and fast download links

Whether you're a student in the Faculty of Architecture or an engineer looking for a job and want to know the most in-demand programs so you can gain experience in them, we've compiled a list of the most important programs that every architect should know and be an expert in, along with a description of how each program is used, in this article. We'll also go over the advantages and disadvantages of each. We provide a direct, free, and quick download link for you. You will notice - as you read the article - that the programs that you should be an expert in depend on:

The field that you want to focus on, whether in your studies or in your work:  For example, the programs that you should use if you want to work on designing the façade of a building differ from the programs that you will need when designing a project or plan for an area. Thus, the programs used by the design engineer differ from the project engineer and others. But you should of course know some basic programs, and be an expert in the programs necessary for your work.
Experience You Have: Most architecture students, for example, must have minimal knowledge of almost all programs. They are asked to perform projects from beginning to end. Thus, they need to learn a lot of programs. While engineers may need in their work only a few programs that help them to perform the task assigned to them only in the project they are working on.
Program preferences: Some college professors prefer a specific program and ask their students to learn it. However, there are many common functions between these programs, so there are other alternatives that can be used for the same purpose.

The programs that every architect needs can be divided into:

Absolutely indispensable software

1. Revit

It is the essential and indispensable program for both students and architects. Everyone must develop and maintain their skills in this program. It is most in demand in the labor market. It is also the program of the future.

In terms of productivity, it is a very effective program because it relies on modern comprehensive modeling (BIM), unlike AutoCAD. So that the engineer works on objects and not lines, and this speeds up work on it. It depends on adding windows, doors, walls and ceilings instead of drawing lines as in AutoCAD.

But one of its disadvantages is that there are some commands and shortcuts overlapping with AutoCAD commands. Therefore, you may find some difficulty when switching from AutoCAD to Revit. But once you get started, you will feel superior to AutoCAD. Especially since it is compatible with AutoCAD files, so that a DWG file can be added to Revit and worked on it directly.

Download Revit with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 11.2 GB.

2. AutoCAD

It is the program that must be learned along with Revit. It is still used in the field of architecture, and despite its age, it is still the dominant software in the market. Therefore, it is required to know its commands and how it works, but it is not necessary to become an expert in it. In any case, AutoCAD is simpler and easier to learn than Revit.

It is also characterized by the fact that the tools available in it are comprehensive and integrated, and a large number of shortcuts that speed up work on it. Autodesk has also added pre-designed objects (such as windows, doors, and walls) that can be added quickly and easily. However, one of the downsides is that you may find it difficult at first. It is also very old, as it is currently moving towards programs that rely on comprehensive modeling (BIM), such as Revit. In any case, it is possible to start with the 2D design on it and then transfer the file to Revit for 3D design.

Download Autodesk AutoCAD with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 1.7 GB.

3D Modeling Software

In general, the architect should know at least one of the following 3D design programs, and familiarize himself with the remaining programs and learn the basic commands in them. It includes:

3. 3DS Max

It is one of the first programs designed to assist architects in 3D modeling. It is also the most popular and widely used 3D design software. Its main value is the creation of promotional images and 3D animations to promote the project. The program also supports AutoCAD files. And it has a lot of additions that increase its capabilities.

However, like AutoCAD, you may find it difficult at first. He also needs a computer with high specifications (at least a core i5, a good separate graphics card and a large amount of RAM) and a large free storage space as well.

Autodesk 3ds Max Free Download Direct Link 6.1 GB.

4. Rhino

He is the king of curved lines. It helps with 3D design and displays images with great professionalism and aesthetics. This is what distinguishes it from AutoCAD, which gets really bad when dealing with curves. While this program is primarily designed to deal with these curves. It also features plugins to add more features to it, such as the parametric design.

But one of its downsides is that BIM is an add-on and is not pre-existing in the program. This application is not in itself comprehensive, but can be customized to deal with curved surfaces such as buildings, cars, people, and others.

Download Rhinoceros with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 263 MB.

5. SketchUp

It also uses 3D design. It is simpler and easier than the previous one, so you can start with it before moving on to a more complex 3D design program. One of the downsides is that it has limited capabilities. But it also has a lot of additions that add to it many possibilities that make it similar to Rhino.

It is free for learning and personal use. This is the reason for the increase in the number of its users. It also led to the availability of many designed and ready-made objects that can be imported and used with ease.

It might not be enough software to design entire buildings, but it's enough to design prototypes when you're in the concept design stage. It is also characterized by its relatively small size, and it can run on devices with limited specifications. It is also available in Arabic.

Download SketchUp with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 148 MB.

2D modeling software (including Adobe Creative Cloud and software within)

If you are a design engineer or interested in designing the project’s output and its external appearance, or developing a concept design, you must install and learn the following basic programs:

6. Adobe Photoshop

It - as its name indicates - is designed to manipulate and modify images, and therefore it is not preferred to use it for designing illustrations. But its usefulness lies in making some adjustments to the resulting images after rendering, such as adding people, trees, or others. Thus, it is not necessary to become an expert in it, but it is sufficient to learn the basic instructions that you may need.

Download Adobe Photoshop with a direct, fast and free link, size of 2.93 GB.

7. Adobe Illustrator

It is used to design illustrations and diagrams. Although many people use Photoshop to design some simple layouts, the quality of the graphics designed with this program remains better than its predecessor for this particular purpose.

Download Adobe Illustrator with a direct, fast and free link, size of 1.6 GB.

8. Adobe InDesign

This software is used to design and publish presentations, magazines, and boards. Therefore, it is a way for architects to present their ideas in a professional, attractive and easy-to-understand manner.

Download Adobe InDesign with a direct link, fast, and free, with a size of 946 MB.

9. Adobe Premiere

You may need this software if you are creating videos or animations of buildings. This program will help you with editing and merging videos, adding some effects or phrases. There is no doubt that there are many simpler applications for this purpose, but the capabilities of this program are much greater and therefore it is more flexible than others.

Download Adobe Premiere with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 1.6 GB.

Other programs that you can learn to add more animation and influence to your designs and help communicate the desired idea, but are not as basic as before, are:

10. Adobe Lightroom

Download Adobe Premiere with a direct, fast and free link, size of 1.1 GB.

11. Adobe After Effects

Download Adobe After Effects with a direct, fast and free link, size of 2.2 GB.

Software for Rendering and Animation

These programs help give life to the images resulting from previous programs by adding effects to people, vehicles, buildings, shadows, and others. The most important of these programs are:

11. V-Ray

It is the best for rendering and converting a realistic image. It is also available for all previous programs, and thus can show you the designs that you made through previous programs in a beautiful realistic way. By adding shadows, lights and other effects.

Download all copies of V-Ray with a direct, fast and free link.

12. Lumion

Download Lumion with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 17.2 GB.

13. Enscape

Other additional software

14. Graphisoft Archicad

Download Graphisoft Archicad with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 1.8 GB.

Which is used for 2D and 3D design, and is easy to use. It is very similar to AutoCAD and can be considered an alternative to it.

15. Microsoft Office

Every project manager, including architects, should be familiar with Microsoft Office programs , including Word and Excel, for preparing schedules and budgets. In addition to other programs for scheduling and arranging tasks and more.

Download Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus with a direct, fast and free link size of 6.56 GB. 

16. Chief Architect

This software is commonly used by interior designers, and can be used for home remodeling as well.

Download Chief Architect with a direct link, fast and free, with a size of 214 MB.

These were the 16 most important programs used by every architect with their download links. Do you know any other software? Share it with us in the comments so everyone can benefit.