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Amazon in Europe

Is there Amazon EU?

Amazon in Europe
Amazon is one of Europe's largest ecommerce corporations. Even though it is not prevalent in most European markets, it has a significant impact. Amazon isn't bashful about introducing new projects, especially in the United Kingdom and Germany. Here's more on Amazon's present condition in Europe.

In 1995, Amazon started its website in the United States, and three years later, it expanded to the United Kingdom and Germany. In the year 2000, France followed suit. Ten years later, in November 2010, Amazon opened in Italy, and a year later, Spain became the second European nation to have an Amazon ecommerce website.

In 2014, was established in the Netherlands, although it was distinct from the others in that it exclusively offered e-books and its Kindle e-reader. Things have changed since 2020, when began with a full range of products. Amazon launched in Sweden at the end of 2020, and in Poland a few months later, in March 2021.

Amazon said in December 2017 that it aims to create physical stores in Germany, similar to the ones it currently has in the United States.

Amazon’s logistic operation in Europe

Amazon has a network of 31 fulfillment centers distributed across seven countries in Europe. Amazon said in April 2017 that it was looking for 1,300 warehouse units in key cities across Europe to serve as last-mile facilities. The retailer sent over 1 billion products to customers throughout the continent in 2015.

Amazon Prime in Europe

Amazon began as an online retailer, but it now makes income through services such as Amazon Web Services and Amazon Prime, a premium membership service. This service was launched in 2005, with subscribers receiving free two-day delivery and reduced one-day shipping for a cost of $79 per year. Customers in Germany and the United Kingdom were able to utilize Amazon Prime two years later, followed by France in 2008 and Italy in 2011.

Amazon Prime Now in Europe

Amazon Prime has added services including Amazon Video, the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, Prime Music, and Amazon Drive to its membership advantages over time. In December 2014, Amazon Prime Now was launched, giving Prime members the option of having things delivered within one hour for $8 or two hours for free. Amazon Prime Now has spread to various cities in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain since its inception in the United States. In March 2018, Amazon announced a partnership with Monoprix, a French grocery retailer, to deliver groceries to Prime Now subscribers in France.

AmazonFresh in Europe

AmazonFresh is an Amazon food delivery service that began in the United States in 2007. The service is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers and allows them to purchase groceries and have them delivered the same day or the following day. 

It all started with AmazonFresh in the United Kingdom in 2016, when the service was only available in a few London postal code districts. AmazonFresh began in Berlin, Potsdam, and Hamburg a year later. In Italy and Spain, Amazon debuted its same-day food delivery service in 2021.

Amazon Business in Europe

Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Business in April 2015, a new marketplace for enterprises. The service was launched in the United States, and Amazon Business followed two years later in the United Kingdom. 

This was the first European market where Amazon's B2B platform was operational. Amazon Business debuted in Germany in 2016, and the American corporation chose to expand its business-to-business platform in other key Amazon markets in 2018: Amazon Business debuted in France, Italy, and Spain.

Amazon and employees

Amazon employs around 50,000 permanent employees in Europe. Every year, as the holiday season approaches, Amazon recruits' additional temporary employees to operate the warehouses, as this is the busiest period of the year for Amazon and many other merchants.

There has been a lot of discussion about how workers are treated. The company's warehouse facilities and work practices were mostly criticized. Employees have gone on strike in the past to demand more pay and benefits. Employees at Amazon Germany, for example, went on a daylong strike a couple of times in 2013.

The influence of Amazon in Europe

Amazon is one of the major ecommerce giants that many small and large merchants monitor. The online retail industry will be notified in a split second if Amazon introduces a new service or decides to focus on a certain product category. 

Because Amazon has such a large effect on the market, competition, and customers, most of Amazon's moves are regarded with caution. Niche firms are concerned that Amazon would join their market one day and take them away with lower pricing, better service, and faster delivery. 

However, Amazon is one of the ecommerce dance's leading participants. Many online merchants will quickly follow if it begins to offer a certain service (such as faster shipping), since they do not want to miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions in Europe about Amazon:

In which European countries is Amazon active?

France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom are among the European nations where Amazon operates. Amazon has a specialized and localized ecommerce website in these areas. The most recent addition is, which became live in October 2020.

If I have a seller account in one country, can I sell on other Amazon marketplaces?

Yes, you certainly can! If you have a selling account in the EU, you can sell on numerous marketplaces using that account. You may sell on all Amazon EU marketplaces with your Amazon Europe Marketplace Account:,,,,,,, and

You will, however, be asked to specify your source marketplace, which might be any of the EU markets listed above.

What the difference between selling in Europe and selling in the US on

Of course, there are more parallels than differences between selling on Amazon EU markets and

There are, nevertheless, some significant variances. 
Every nation in Europe, for example, has tax regulations for consumer product sales.

Furthermore, if you sell on an Amazon EU marketplace, you must ensure that you follow all local rules and regulations.
Keep in mind that product standards (such as the number of volts in electronic gadgets) may vary across Europe.
 Amazon also expects listings and customer service to be available in the marketplace's native language.

What is Amazon EU account?

How do I shop on Amazon EU?

Amazon in Europe