Download MKW35A512VFT4 Datasheet


Download MKW35A512VFT4 Datasheet

Part MKW35A512VFT4
Description highly integrated Bluetooth Low Energy wireless microcontroller


NXP Semiconductors Data Sheet: Technical Data MKW36A/35A/34A Data Sheet An ultr a low power, highly integrated Bluetoot h® Low Energy 5.
0 wireless microcontro ller MKW36A512 Rev.
9, 12/2020 MKW36A 512VHT4 MKW36A512VFP4 MKW36A512VFT4 MKW 35A512VFP4 MKW35A512VFT4 MKW34A512VFT4 48 LQFN 48 "Wettable" HVQFN 7x7 mm P itch 0.
5 mm 7x7 mm Pitch 0.
5 mm 40 "We ttable" HVQFN 6x6 mm Pitch 0.
5 mm Mult i-Standard Radio System peripherals 
4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (Blueto oth LE) version
• Nine MCU low-power modes to provide power 5.
0 compliant supporting up to 8 simultaneous optimi zation based on app .
Manufacture NXP