How do I lose a lot of weight in a short period


How do I lose a lot of weight in a short period?

Nice question, thank you for your question and for giving me the opportunity to correct this concept for you. We must be aware that the difference between losing weight and losing fat is a very wide difference in all respects,

In terms of diet, commitment, the way the body deals with the diet, the type of food, the time and the general form even!

Weight loss: It is a general weight loss, but not just body fat!! Weight loss may result from a disease, God forbid, or a bad diet, and other reasons that lead to weight loss

, This loss may be in fat, muscle, or body fluids, and this is what most commercial diets depend on to make those who follow them delude that they benefit them!

How is that!?

You may find many diets follow the pattern of cutting carbohydrates and portraying them as your first enemy, that carbohydrates bind with water inside the body to be stored (every 1 g of carbohydrates needs 3-4 g of water to be stored properly), and when you cut them, your body will begin to get rid of these necessary fluids to store Carbohydrates and when you go up the scale after 3-4 days, you will find that the weight has decreased because your decisiveness got rid of a large amount of water in it, so you continue without knowing that you are on your way to destroying your body.

Fat loss is achieved through a well-thought-out diet in which an attempt is made to reduce the percentage of fat without affecting the rest of the components of the body, and here reducing fat in a correct way will give you a beautiful shape and better health, it requires you to organize your food and make a small amount of 500 calories Almost no more, and here you should be aware that the difference in weight is not great, but the difference in your appearance will be huge!!

Some tips that will contribute to your weight loss:

1_ Eat foods rich in protein such as chicken breasts and fish.

2_ Carbohydrate cycling:

Set aside two days a week with high carbohydrates, two medium days, and four-light days.

3_ Be active during your day. Always take the stairs and go to the neighborhood store on foot instead of in the car.

This will make a huge difference and you will see it with your own eyes

4_ Eat 5 servings of fresh vegetables, preferably raw

5_ Drink enough water. Drinking when thirsty is not a measure. Be sure to drink a liter of water for every 20 kg of your body weight.

6_ Stay away from processed food, fast foods, and foods and drinks sweetened with high amounts of sugar

7_ Fruits are good, but too much of them is disastrous!

Two servings a day are enough.

I hope that I have been able to convey the idea to you correctly and adequately, good luck.