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Berlin, Germany
51 to 200 Employees
Company - Private
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How travel audience works

At travel audience we provide integrated data-driven solutions for travel advertising. We work with leading destinations, travel brands, airlines, and major industry players to connect them with potential travelers. Highly evolved AI technology powers our advertising offering allowing us to offer scalable and easy-to-use solutions. 

Solutions for destinations

Our approach
As an Amadeus company, we are a trusted partner of destinations worldwide. We provide integrated, data-driven solutions that help inspire, attract and win your ideal visitors. From stimulating demand to increasing the number of visitors or maximizing tourist value in the destination, we support customers at every stage delivering proven results.

Our digital advertising channels
We empower you to run multi-channel campaigns that make an impact along the traveler journey, powered by our best-in-class, purpose-built tech

Social Advertising
Reach and leverage the largest social audience with our social prospecting and dynamic ads.

Programmatic Advertising
Reach relevant users at scale and continuously optimize using our AI technology for increased conversions.

Direct Advertising
Reach users with high intent to travel in our Premium Publisher Network – an exclusive, brand-safe environment.


Our approach
We are a trusted leader in data-driven travel advertising. With our integrated advertising platform powered by AI technology and big data, we empower our partner agencies to target and reach travelers at scale.


Our approach
We are a trusted leader in data-driven travel advertising. With our integrated advertising platform powered by AI technology and big data, we help our customers to reach traveler segments relevant to their brand.


Reach users with high intent to travel, using a premium ad format
We partner with top publishers in the travel industry to create an exclusive, brand-safe environment for your advertising – our Premium Publisher Network (PPN).

Our partners tap into this customized advertising space to increase customer engagement and booking intent.

Unlock the benefits of our unique PPN and direct advertising offering


Improve user experience with native integration

Run contextual ads, adapted to our partners’ user search preference – down to their O&D, travel dates, types of product, and more. We also offer the native format integration that provides a non-disruptive user experience, against inadvertent clicks.


Benefit from a competition-free environment

Our goal is to help you boost your campaigns. By providing a competition-free ads environment – where placements are fully-owned by travel audience and individual publisher selection is available – we help you do just that.

Ensure brand-safety and unparalleled quality
You’ll know exactly where your ads are shown in our network of premium travel publishers. This exclusive PPN environment, which is travel focused, ensures that we target only true travelers in the most relevant context.

Maximize campaigns through our Premium Publishers
Tap into our high-quality channel and reach users with high intent to travel, resulting in increased customer engagement, higher click through-rates (an average CTR of 1% approximately), viewability up to 80%, and higher lift in CPA/booking intent.


As an Amadeus company, a global technology leader in the travel industry, you’ll benefit from access to extensive proprietary data to get the full picture of your destination, from searches and schedules to agency bookings and traffic.


Our big data accessible via Destination Suite provides advertisers – DMOs, media agencies, and travel brands – with more accurate prediction models, advancing competitiveness in the travel landscape.

Tracking demand of destinations through search data

Agency bookings
Monitoring how the performance of destinations evolves 

Monitoring air capacity and how it impacts destinations


Air traffic

Monitoring how air connectivity impacts destinations and assessing air passenger movement  

Sharpen your reporting capabilities with our Destination Suite
travel audience’s Destination Suite is an easy-to-use, unique analytics platform. It’s purpose-built to improve reporting capabilities and decision-making, ultimately ensuring time and cost savings.

• 24/7 access for up-to-date campaign performance across all devices


• Personalized dashboard with easy performance view by segments


• Easily spot areas to shift budget towards or away from

Want to leverage the power of our extensive proprietary data and sharpen reporting capabilities with our Destination Suite?

Unlock the benefits of big data with our AI-powered platform


Get an edge over the competition and boost opportunities
Amadeus boasts the most comprehensive air travel data in the marketplace and reliable estimation of total global passenger traffic: +600 million travel agency bookings per year, +2 Billion passengers boarded with Amadeus and Navitaire solutions in 2019.


Plan campaigns strategically and more effectively
With every relevant new data signal, intelligent decision taken, and transaction performed, the prediction models of our AI-powered platform continuously improve – empowering you to optimize every aspect of the user journey.


Combine data sets to achieve optimal marketing results
Define and target your users on a granular level. Reach and acquire specific segments – weekend, frequent, family, and luxury travelers – and benefit from GEO-location-based city, origin and destination targeting options.


Understand and manage development of your destination
Look into the future of destinations. Manage the development of your destination and monitor how air connectivity impacts it – track demand and market share using search data, monitor traffic, air booking trends, passenger flows, air capacity.

Make the impact. Address your relevant profiles!

Business travelers
Family travelers
Luxury travelers
Local travelers
Frequent travelers
Weekend travelers
Outdoor travellers
Beach travelers
Origin and destination targeting
City targeting

Want to start using data for your strategy?

We will be happy to assist you in your journey through big data.


Projected ad spends for programmatic will reach 150 billion dollars in 2021. That’s because programmatic is one of the most effective ways to reach ideal travelers.


Our purpose-built, in-house AI tech – a powerful mix of software, machine learning, and algorithms – automatically segments and optimizes advertising campaigns for you, ensuring increased reach, relevance, and conversions.

Unlock the benefits of our impactful programmatic advertising offering

Exclusive and proprietary data

Gain access to over 900 travel-specific private deals and custom traveler profiles, powered by our proprietary technology and extensive data – resulting in more successful travel campaigns.


Increased reach and relevancy

Target over 150m unique devices across all channels including desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app. Boost your campaigns with dynamic and up-to-date bookable offers, including live fare integration.


Dynamic, continuous ads optimization

Our proprietary technology segments and optimizes big data for post-click and post-view conversion. These campaign insights are then used by our AI algorithm to propel continuous optimization.


Solutions from branding to performance

To increase conversions, reach your ideal visitor along the customer journey and across different devices, leveraging impactful ad formats including branding display, branding video and performance.



from our premium ad formats when running your inspirational or conversion-oriented campaigns.


reach with multi and cross-device display options including desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app.

Stay on top

of reporting with full management of all the campaign KPIs and benefit from our end-to-end full service from implementation to tracking.

Tap into

a network of more than 500 travel publishers and reach +25m travelers while they search their next trip.
Want to learn more about our technology?

Want increased reach, relevance and conversions? 
Let us help manage and optimize your programmatic campaigns powered by our AI tech.

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Social media is a key part of everyone’s lives. With global daily usage rising exponentially, so is social search. Social advertising improves social experience – and travelers expect to be inspired with personalized offers, fast-booking options and in-trip guides, along their social journey.


Tap into this dynamic, ever-changing channel with our travel experts’ knowledge of the latest social trends. Find your ideal users and deliver targeted ads with maximum impact.

Unlock the benefits of social advertising with our intelligent platform
Reach ideal users and deliver targeted, personalized ads with maximum impact

Social prospecting

Target large audiences across social channels, with tools such as trip considerations, flight ads and data partnerships.


Social fares

Leverage Amadeus’ dynamic fares for airline advertisers, powered by our proprietary, first-in-class tech, programmatic advertising offering.

Want to reach and leverage the largest social audience?
Let us help develop, manage and optimize your campaigns.

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