Best Free Logo Design Sites


Best Free Logo Design Sites

If you think for a moment, you will find that logos and logos are all around you, they fill both worlds; virtual and real. You may not have wondered this before, but why? Why are logos so important that they have become a necessary thing in almost everything?... The logo simply represents the identity of the project, site or product that it adopts, and helps to identify it and build trust with customers and users. On the Internet, and of course I do not need to elaborate on this point, as you know it better.

The bottom line is that slogans are important, necessary and definitely useful, but do not be deceived!! Bad slogans and logos are harmful and repel people, as they indicate some lack of professionalism and lack of seriousness. This leads us to our last question; how do I get a unique logo for my project for free? As you know, hiring specialized designers will be costly, and the answer is simply to use a group of sites that facilitate the process of designing a distinctive logo without design experience, and the most important thing is that they are free or provide free packages for all people. Yes, these packages may be limited, and these logos are not as professional as the productions of specialized designers, but they will definitely fill the gap.

 1  Canva

You probably know Canva  , or at least have heard of it, this site in my opinion revolutionized the design field and made it easy and accessible to everyone. Canva is a comprehensive graphic design platform that provides ready-made templates that help you create graphics for a variety of purposes, but our main concern is the design of logos and logos.

Of course, Canva  is a free service and is available on a paid package if you want to. After registering for the service and entering the main page, search for ready-made logo templates or directly open  the following link, then you will find a large bouquet of logos of various designs divided into themes, choose what you like and open it to be able to from modifying and customizing it as you like, where you can change colors and fonts and even add other elements, and finally use the Share button and download the logo on your device and done!

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 2   Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a platform to print custom stickers and deliver them anywhere in the world, but what matters to us is that it provides a side tool for designing logos as well as other things like stickers, T-shirts, and more. All you have to do is register on the platform and then go to the studio tool and from there browse the logo templates available to you, open the ones you like and then modify and customize it as you like, and finally click on the Download button at the top and so the logo will be downloaded to your device.

 3  Shopify Hatchful

Famous e-commerce platform Shopify offers; Hatchful logo maker tool aimed at those who do not have experience in the field of design, through this tool you will be able to create a logo or logo for your project or brand or whatever with just a few clicks and the most important thing is that the service is completely free.

After heading to the Hatchful tool, press the GET STARTED button to start the process. You will be taken through a few steps to choose the field in which your project is active, as well as choose the visual style you prefer to match your logo with it, and then you will be asked to choose where to use the logo; And of course, all of the above is necessary to get a custom logo for you as you wish.

After that you will get a suggested set of logos, choose the one you like and then start customizing it more to change the colors and fonts used, and finally you will be able to download the final logo on your device and start using it.

 4  Free Logo Maker By Namecheap

Namecheap is a popular domain and hosting service, and on the one hand, it offers a free and simple logo design tool. First go toThe Free Logo Maker tool page , then you will immediately find a blank field to enter the name of the logo, then you will go through a series of steps to choose the style that you want your logo to be. Then you will get a suggested set of logos, choose what you like and then modify it what you see needs modification from fonts, colors, icons, etc., and finally download the final logo to your device.

 5  EaseUS Logo Maker

EaseUS is known for its excellent data recovery software and more, but what you don't know about this company is that it offers a standalone logo creation and design tool, which has hundreds of ready-made templates to choose from. All you have to do is head over to the EaseUS online logo maker tool page and from there browse the ready-made templates, choose the ones you like and then customize it to suit your requirements.

Finally when you want to download your logo, you will find that the free plan is limited and allows you to download the logo in dimensions of 300 x 300 px which is quite enough and will do the job (after pressing the Download button to download the logo, then click on the Download a low-resolution free logo option).

 6  Logaster

Logaster is another platform that specializes in creating and designing logos and logos, and it offers a somewhat limited free package, but it does the trick. After registering with Logaster ,  you will be asked to enter the logo name, and then directly a set of different and designed logos will be suggested, choose the ones you like and you will be directed directly to the download page (unfortunately you cannot make any modifications). On the download page, you will be allowed to download only the horizontal logo for free. As for the rest of the various forms of displaying the logo, you will have to pay and upgrade to the paid package in order to benefit from everything that the site offers.

 7  Free Typography Logo Maker By Formito

We conclude with this simple tool that will allow you to design a written logo like Uber, TED logo, etc. in a few seconds. All you have to do is head to the Free Typography Logo Maker By Formito tool and then enter the logo name, then change the fonts and colors until you get what you want, and finally download the final logo to your device by pressing the PNG button below the logo, and here you are. Get a distinctive and simple logo or logo for free and without the need to go to specialized designers.