Download Firmware Software TCL LED32

 Download Firmware Software TCL LED32

TCL LED32 Software Download All Models Firmware Update TCL LED32 Software Download All Models Firmware Update TCL LED32 Software Download All Models This board has all of the necessary features, including a headphone jack, USB input, PC input, VGA input, HDMI input, and component input. On this board, there is no need to install the backlight separately. Inside is a back-light inverter circuit as well as a power supply.

Basic Information TCL LED32

Panel Voltage DC: +12

Main AC Power Supply: 220 V

HDMI Input: 2 Ports

USB Input: 1 Ports

VGA Input: 1 Port

PC Input & Audio / Video: Yes

IR Control: Yes (Remote Control)

Key Button Functions: VOL+/VOL- Source/Power/CH-/CH+/MENU

Input & Output Ports: AV, Earphone Out, HDMI, USB, RF TV interface, and VGA

The service code is used to unlock factory mode or the board internal parameters setting. These settings allow the technicians to control the parameters of the Led TV logo, resolution, brightness and contrasts, etc.

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