How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go


How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go

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Are you wondering how to change your location in Pokemon Go? Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games to date, and it's still going strong even five years later. Unfortunately, some countries prevent you from fully enjoying or even getting the game. So you have to find other ways to play.

If you change your location, you can access Pokémon Go. This is done through VPNs and third-party apps. Let's take a look at how to visit Pokémon Go and travel around the world virtually.

How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on iPhone
Some countries have banned the game outright, so the best way to change your location is to use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN. It can't spoof your location, but allows you to access certain blocked features.

Let's see how to change your location on iPhone.

On your iPhone, download ExpressVPN.

Download the GPS spoofing third-party app of your choice.

Choose the VPN server location that matches your GPS location.

Download Pokémon Go if you haven't already.
Start Pokémon Go.

Use GPS spoofing apps to move around in new locations in the game.

Catch all the Pokémon you want.

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Some third-party apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone, so you must do this first. Thankfully, not everyone has this requirement. They might offer great service for a few dollars.

How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on Android
On Android devices, you can download a location simulation app to play Pokémon Go. This can help you spoof your location easily.

Here's how it's done:

Download ExpressVPN on your Android device.

Get GPS spoofing 3rd party apps - preferably apps that don't require rooting.

Download and install Mock Mock Locations.

Open mock mock locations.
Choose the VPN server location that matches your GPS spoofer location.

Download Pokémon Go if you haven't already.

Start Pokémon Go.

Use GPS spoofing apps to move around in new locations in the game.

Catch all the Pokémon you can find.

On Android, GPS spoofing apps are more readily available. There are also many free options.

On Android, you will most likely need to access developer mode and allow mock locations. Learn how to access developer mode for your specific model of phone, as the steps may vary.

The Mock Mock Location app will not work if Mock Location is not allowed.

How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Mac and PC where you can play mobile games on any computer. Pokémon Go is no exception, and you can change your location too. The steps on Bluestacks are pretty complicated, but we'll help you figure it out.

The steps to change the location of Bluestacks Pokémon Go are as follows:

Install BlueStacks.

Install KingRoot on Bluestacks.

Choose Try > Fix Now, then click Optimize Now before exiting KingRoot.

In Bluestacks, go to settings and select "Restart Android Plugin".
Download and install Fake GPS Pro.

Download and install Lucky Patch.

Open Lucky Patcher and give it access to your installed applications.
Go to the bottom right corner of Lucky Patcher and select Rebuild and Install.

Go to "sdcard" > "Windows" > BstSharedFolder. "
Find Fake GPS Pro and select "Install as System App" before confirming.
Restart Bluestacks in the same way as in step 4.
Download Pokémon Go.

In Bluestacks, go to "Location" from settings and set it to "High Accuracy".
Disable all GPS services in Windows and turn off location tracking in Privacy > Location.

Go to Lucky Patcher to find Fake GPS Pro.

Mark "System Apps" and apply.
Launch Fake GPS Pro.

Activate expert mode by going to settings in the upper right corner.
Go back and select your desired location.

Click the play button in the lower right corner.

You can now play Pokémon Go in a spoofed location.
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It's a mouthful, isn't it? Just follow the steps and you should be able to set everything up correctly. The best part is that you don't need a VPN service.

Playing Pokémon Go on the Blue stack allows you to modify your "Android device" to suit your needs. So rooting is simpler and KingRoot handles the process for you. You don't have to risk damaging your actual phone.

Will this let me play Pokémon without moving?

By using a cheat app, you can play Pokemon Go without ever leaving your chair. The Spoofer app works by simulating motion. Some of them are so advanced that you can set the travel speed.

The simulated action feeds fake data to your phone, which is then sent to the Pokémon Go servers. That's why it looks like you're getting into a game even when you're sitting down in reality.

For example, you can be in Indonesia in real life, but trick apps and VPNs to allow you to be in the US. You can catch a lot of Pokémon this way. You can even use the spoofer on the go without issue. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to change your location whenever you want.

However, some users report soft bans by changing their location frequently, so you should wait a while before doing so.

Other FAQs

Why would someone change their location in Pokémon Go?
Earlier, we discussed how some countries restrict or ban Pokémon Go altogether. Players can access the full game as the location changes. This will allow them to play games and bypass restrictions.

Other players are stuck in places with only a few Pokémon species, so they have to travel to complete their Pokédex. Using VPNs and cheaters, they can expand their lineup and even find rare Pokémon.

Certain rare Pokémon are associated with specific locations, so you have to go there. Spoofers allow you to do just that from the comfort of your home.

Remember, a VPN is recommended when you use cheating apps. Because Niantic often bans users from blatantly cheating, a VPN can keep your location private to reduce your chances of being discovered and banned.

Can I choose a specific location to change?

Yes, you can. Spoofing apps are very advanced at spoofing your phone. You can even use them to pick the path you want to take. When you have one installed, you can simply navigate your location to street level.

Can a VPN Unblock Pokemon Go on the Web?
Some networks are set up to prevent users from playing Pokémon Go. Using a VPN, you can bypass these measures and play Pokémon Go at work or school. Do so at your own risk; we are not responsible if caught!

What is a VPN?

VPN services allow you to access blocked content in your country while keeping your location private. These services are great for personal safety, as cybercriminals find it harder to track you down with a VPN.

Are you ready to catch them?

With location changes and spoofing, you can play Pokémon and take virtual tours anywhere in the world. This allows you to catch Pokémon that were previously unavailable. Pokémon Go gets even more fun when you change locations.