Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review


Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review

Today, we are going to show you one of the best smartwatches that I personally love for both its internal and external components, which is the Ticwatch Pro 3, the latest version of Ticwatch watches. 

Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review... one of the best you can get

A comprehensive overview of the Ticwatch Pro 3 

It is the latest smartwatch from the Ticwatch series, and it comes with an approximate price of $239. Yes, its price is not cheap, but wait until you discover what it can offer you. The smartwatch supports the wearable operating system by Google, WearOS, with support for the Snapdragon processor to manage its internal characteristics. 

Capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks, from using it to monitor your vital activities, to helping you with daily chores, good for travelers and backpackers to include features such as GPS and satellite communication. And more. 

Its exterior is elegant and classic, and does not suggest that it is a watch coming from the future, as it is circular in terms of the screen, and its straps are simple. But its inner capabilities bring out the inner beast in this classic watch. 

Ticwatch Pro 3 internal features and components 

Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review... one of the best you can get

WearOS by Google: It is considered one of the best operating systems for wearable devices. A competitor to operating systems such as Apple WatchOS. It brings most of Google's internal services, many settings, and different technologies to use on the smartwatch. 

Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor: Ticwatch is based on one of the most powerful processors at the moment from Snapdragon, which in turn offers the most powerful processor series in smartphones. This ensures smooth navigation between services and applications and quick use of the smartwatch. 

1GB RAM and 8GB Internal Storage: With its large internal space (compared to other watches), it will allow you to install many and many applications, in addition to adding files and content to the smart watch. The RAM space is also good for smart watches, to move between various applications and services. 

Battery that lasts up to 45 days of use: The battery originally depends on the type of use. However, with normal to moderate use, it can last up to 45 continuous days without charging. However, there is a mode called Smart Mode that turns on all Google services, which may drain the battery in 72 hours.

Powerful Sensor (Even the Most Powerful of All Competitors): Why do you need a powerful sensor? Because it will provide you with high accuracy in measuring the heart rate or oxygen in the blood, then the temperature, and the rest of the vital activities. 

454x454 AMOLED Screen: For greater screen clarity even under bright sunlight, or underwater, the AMOLED screen offers the best color display quality on the market. 

Dual Layer Display 2.0 technology and feature: This technology provides you with two different screens per watch, so you can switch between them as you like. You can make the first screen classic with simple apps and services. Then another screen with more details. And switch between them easily. 

Install and run various applications ... such as a smartphone 

Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review... one of the best you can get

One of the nicest features of WearOS is that it allows you to access the App Store, and download the best smartwatch related apps. You can dive into the sea of ​​many applications, especially for wearable or wearable devices. You can also enjoy regular apps like Spotify or Gmail and emerging services like Google Pay for digital payment technologies and features. You can also install sports apps from major companies like Adidas. You have a vast sea of ​​applications that you can use. 

Tic Technologies ... one of the highlights of the Ticwatch Pro 3 

Ticwatch Pro 3 smartwatch review... one of the best you can get

What is Tic? In short, it is a technology that extracts the full capabilities of the Ticwatch through various services. These are for monitoring vital activities, others for monitoring your sleep habits, and others for measuring temperature or sound, and more. And download glyphs like TicBreathe or TicExercise. 

And each of these Tics offers you an advanced interface to use them efficiently and enjoy the full features of the Ticwatch Pro 3. 

Its price and how you can get it? 

Its services are undoubtedly many and offers you things that you probably will not find in any other smartwatch. Therefore, it is originally available at a price of $ 239 on the official website of the smartwatch, which you can view from here .