Top USB-C hubs for 2024


 Top USB-C hubs for 2024

One of these compact docks offers more ports with a single USB-C connection.

Are you tired of constantly switching dongles and relying on Bluetooth to connect? Use a USB-C hub or docking station. Powered USB multiport adapters or hubs are much more than just an additional USB port. This device converts a single USB-C port on your laptop or desktop into a convenient hub for connecting a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Ethernet. As well as reading and writing to memory cards and external hard drives, you can use it.

To narrow down the many USB-C hub options and find the right hub, you must know your mobility needs, data transfer speeds, and what connections you need. Here are some of our favorite USB-C docking stations. We will continue to update this list as we discover new USB hub models. And if you're looking to charge USB-C devices, here are the most reliable options we tested.

Is a USB-C port the same as a USB port?

The most common USB port is USB Type-A. It's rectangular and requires the cable to be plugged in right side up so that the tabs inside the connectors are aligned correctly. It uses a reverse connector so you don't have to flip it over to get it in the right position. It has an oval shape.the port may appear the same from one device to another, not all USB-C ports are the same. 

For example, Thunderbolt 3 or 4 devices will only be fully supported by a computer with the corresponding Thunderbolt USB-C port. Unfortunately, you can't just look at the port and see exactly what you have on it. Check with your computer manufacturer to see which laptop (or desktop) model it supports before purchasing a USB-C adapter or dock.