ways to help you reduce your mobile phone use


ways to help you reduce your mobile phone use

The use of the mobile phone has become an integral part of the daily life of each of us, as the mobile phone has become an inevitable necessity, and therefore those who do not own a mobile phone are considered from the Middle Ages, through the phone we can: communicate with others, look at the news, follow our children With their teachers, we can monitor work developments, look at home security cameras, and even control our physical needs, whether for water, medicine, or anything else.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone is no longer part of daily life, but rather it has become a whole life. We cannot do anything without returning to the mobile phone. It does not leave our hands. It controls all the course of life. Sometimes we even lose our ability to communicate directly with others. Face-to-face interaction, we live in isolation in our families because of our cell phones.

I bet you that you were at a family gathering, or on a picnic with friends and each of you sat looking at his phone screen without talking to each other, without interacting or actually spending time together, while the phone is supposed to help us in life, it is depriving us of life, depriving us from interacting and communicating with others.

So, if you feel that you are also losing your life because of your mobile phone, and it's time to control your phone use, this article will help you to reduce the time of using the phone in a practical and simple way.

Here are the most important strategies you can use to adjust the time you use your phone

1. Set the time of your phone

When you use the phone, you often lose track of time, so you overuse the phone, and many hours of your day are left on the phone; So, the first step to controlling the use of your phone is to determine for yourself a certain number of hours in which you use the phone and try to stick to it.

2. Turn off the phone

Yes; Sometimes the solution is to turn off your phone, especially when you are at home and after completing your work, enjoying with your family, or children while playing games or while watching a cartoon movie, it is worth you to turn off the phone for some time.

3. Select Notifications

Almost all apps give you notifications, and of course a notification alert is enough to make you curious to look at your phone, notification after notification, app after app, it's never going away, your phone will always be in your hand.

4. Do not keep the phone near you

You can also control the phone by taking it away from your hand. Try to keep your phone in a room other than where you spend your time, this will help you even for a while.

5. Let your friends know when you'll be available

You have to assign to friends the times when you will be available to talk to them, or share photos and comments, it may seem difficult at first, but with time you will get used to it and your friends will get used to it.

6. Turn off the screen lights

You must turn off the screen lights, especially at bedtime, in order to avoid the phone waking you up, and many advise that we completely avoid using screens in the bedrooms, in order to avoid using them, thus messing with your sleep times or causing you insomnia.

7. Use your phone as a reward

Yes, you can use your phone as a kind of reward, set yourself some of the tasks you do and as soon as you finish each task you can take your phone as a reward for ten to fifteen minutes, so you will find yourself accomplishing your tasks and at the same time enjoying your phone in a limited and disciplined manner.

8. Messages

You can turn off message notifications while you're not using the phone, the message sounds will make you rush to pick up the phone and look at it and use it, so turn off the message sounds, and watch them as soon as it's time to use the phone.

9. Give your phone to someone else

You can always have someone else help you out with your phone for long periods of time, your wife/husband, and your dad can keep the phone for the times you set until you get used to and can resist the temptation of your phone.

10. Flight mode

Putting your phone on Airplane mode helps you stay away from it and apps that send you notifications constantly, Airplane Mode will also help you control incoming calls, and avoid anyone interrupting you during your time out.

11. Bedtime is sacred

As we have already mentioned, stay away from screens at bedtime, as the phone can make you insomnia, it can wake you up from your deep sleep, when it lights up its screens with a new notification or alert.

12. Silent mode

If your presence ONLINE is necessary, at least keep your phone on silent mode, this method will make you control yourself and your phone better, without cutting off all your connection with the outside world.

Finally ... Remember that your phone is meant to help you, support you, and facilitate your life, not to make you lonely and isolated and deprive you of life and reality.