Windows 10 is a very fast and very small ISO version


Windows 10 is a very fast and very small ISO version

Recently, many users are looking for Windows 10, a very fast and very small version, as I present to you in this topic the fastest version of Windows 10 ready to download that works on both 32 and 64 bits, while the size of Windows does not exceed 600 MB, while it consumes space 500 MB of hard disk only after installation, and it is characterized by consuming only 400 MB of RAM

even if your RAM is only 1 GB, and the version supports running light games and all programs without problems, in addition to receiving updates constantly and without problems, a safe raw version Fully watered down from Win 10 LTSC from Microsoft.

Win 10 Tiny is the lightest version of Windows that you can install on any computer or even a laptop, regardless of its model. While its space on the hard disk after cleaning the files from it will not exceed 400MB, which enables you to download it to a hard disk of up to 1GB without problems.

It should be noted that this version is a very watered-down version of Win 10 LTSC that was released specifically in 2018 under the number (version V1809), the version is not activated and receives updates constantly from Microsoft, it was modified by deleting unnecessary programs from it to be lighter than it was Previously

it supports working on old weak devices without problems, and it is a 32-bit ISO kernel version, that is, it is compatible with 32 and 64-bit kernels, and supports running all programs without problems, as for heavy games, you will have to download the auxiliary programs that the game will ask you for due to Because it may not be available.

Windows 10 LTSC Features:

light and fast

Supports both 32 and 64 bits

Multilingual (there is Arabic)

You can make the user interface in Arabic

Small in size, works on weak and old devices

Supports working on 1GB RAM

Free from unnecessary programs

Includes only major drivers such as Internet, sound, and video card (you may need to use drivers with a small number of devices)

Win 10 LTSC Tiny Requirements:

The lightest version ever was provided by Microsoft to suit the requirements of all users from all over the world, and the following are the minimum requirements if available. You can download that version on the device without problems.


Processor - 1GHz

HDD - 500MB free space