difference between hardware and software


difference between hardware and software

The difference between hardware and software (Software vs Hardware)

It is possible that life stops due to a power outage for some time, not because the lights, air-conditioning or electrical devices have stopped, but because the computer has stopped working. 

The computer is the backbone of modern life, from school to university, from the medical lab to the hospital, from the office of Mail to the Central Bank, very briefly, there is no life without a computer, and knowledge of the computer components of hardware and software is of great importance for those who purchase this vital and important device, because it is what will determine what tasks the computer can provide, and also know the difference between them for them. 
The same importance, which is the topic of our article, so follow us.


The difference between hardware and software in a computer
We cannot discuss the difference between hardware and software first of all, before we quickly get to know the computer, and its physical and moral components first so that we can know the difference between them, as follows:

What is a computer?

A long time ago, it was easy to define a computer, but after the recent developments that have been made to it, and the advanced technology that it now enjoys, it has become difficult to find a comprehensive definition of this technological boom, but what concerns us in this topic is its definition that: “a device that performs operations arithmetic and logical, and its output by one of the output means.

Computer's components

In order for the computer to perform arithmetic and logical operations, and output them by one of the output methods, it must have components that qualify it for this, which are divided into two components, which we explain as follows:


First: the hardware components

Hardware components are the physical components of a computer, which are given by the user's tangible entity, and they are:

Case: It is the body that contains the components of the computer inside, and on which all the internal hardware pieces are installed, in addition to the operating keys, and the slots for external connections.

Power Supply: The device provides the energy necessary for the work of each piece, and its energy needs, and care must be taken to choose it as carefully, because a poor choice may cause you to lose the entire device.

Mother Board: It contains most of the most important parts of the computer, such as the CPU , RAM, sockets for additional accessories, and all micro-components, such as electronic chips, capacitors, resistors, vector controllers, and connection cables.

Video presentation card: It is responsible for all video presentations.
Sound Card: It is responsible for the sound media.
Network card: It is responsible for the computer's interaction with the Internet.
Various storage media: from hard disk, DVD, reader, and disc burner.
Various input units: from the mouse, the keyboard, the electronic scanner, and others.
Various output units: from monitors, printers, and audio devices.

Second: The components of the software

They are the intangible components of the device, and they consist of:

A set of drivers : such as Windows, Mac, Linux , and others, and it acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer; To carry out the required tasks, according to specific orders.

Application software: It is a group of specialized software, which is prepared in one of the programming languages, machine language and user interface language, such as C, C++ and others, according to flow charts and algorithms by specialists.


What is the difference between hardware and software?

Now, through what we have discussed, it becomes clear to us the difference between hard ware and software, and the most important of these differences can be addressed as follows:

The physical aspect: Hardware components are physical components, while software components are intangible/virtual components.
Operation: Any malfunction in the hardware components, especially the motherboard, means that the device has stopped completely, while software malfunctions do not mean that the device has stopped, as it is a relative stop.

Maintenance: Hardware components are maintained using spare parts by a technician, while software maintenance is done through maintenance programs, even if by the user.

Development (Update): Hardware components are being developed slowly compared to software, and in the case of development, it means replacing them, while developing software does not mean changing any of the hardware components.

Viruses: Hardware is rarely affected by viruses, and in very few components, while software is often exposed to these viruses, and exposure to these viruses may lead to its complete destruction.
Tasks: The hardware components do not determine the specific uses and tasks of the computer, while the one who performs this role is the software.

The computer will remain at the forefront of modern life with all its components; This is due to the idea of ​​separating hardware and software components, and the difference between them is a difference in type and not a difference in degree.