5 Best Affiliate Platforms

5 Best Affiliate Platforms

Before starting the main core of our theme " The five (05) best affiliate platforms", the question that arises and that comes to mind in the first place seeks to know what is a platform affiliate? what does membership consist of? what is its role and how does it work?

In this article we will give you an overview by answering these first questions and then we will show you the 5 best affiliate platforms.

An affiliate platform:

May be defined by the definition of "  affiliate  ", which aims to recommend the products or services of the advertiser, to encourage and attract its own visitors to redirect themselves to the seller's website or blog. Visits can be recorded using cookies. An affiliate platform is a platform that allows the monitoring of this process.

It is characterized by a solution or a technical option allowing the interaction  between the affiliator  (an advertiser) and  its network of affiliates  (publishers) for an affiliation program.

In return for this interaction and support for the affiliate program, the affiliate platform receives commissions on all exchanges and financial transfers that take place between the affiliator and its affiliates.

Role and operation of an affiliate platform:

The role of the affiliate platform lies in intermediation between advertiser companies and affiliates. This is a professional directory.

The affiliate must register on an affiliate platform.

Secondly ; he must register for an affiliate program after choosing the one that suits him. The affiliator for his part must support the establishment of one or more affiliation programs.

The advertiser has the choice of granting or refusing the affiliate's request, taking into consideration the quality of the affiliate's site.

Once the two sides come to a "  one partnership  " agreement, the affiliate will receive all the advertising information they need to fuel the campaign on their site and they will be paid according to the results obtained from their mission ( companion).

Both parties benefit from the services of a platform to establish collaboration.

Actors (agents) who can access an affiliate platform:

These actors are:

Businesses ;
The buyers.

The basic criteria for choosing your affiliate platform:

There are several criteria on which we rely to make the right choice of our affiliation platform, among them we distinguish:

The method of payment and the percentage of commissions.

The five (05) best affiliate platforms:

Affilae  offers a SaaS solution (“Sofware as a Service” which represents a mode of use of a software solution which is done by using the remote application which is hosted by the publisher) without highlighting the costs and commissions on each sale made.

This affiliate software is inevitable and indispensable on the market and this thanks to the combination of a very well developed affiliate software, an intuitive platform and responsive support.

This famous platform offers you:

The development of your network of prescribers:  thanks to this software you can build and develop your networks of prescribers, influencers and affiliates. The provision of marketing and technological solutions adapted to your needs such as the recruitment of new partners, the animation of campaigns in order to acquire new customers, and the automatic allocation of commissions.
The reward of your affiliates:  the choice of a single commission rate or the personalization of the commission of each of your partners, on several modes of remuneration: CPA, CPC, CPL, Fixed costs etc. 
The allocation of  promo codes dedicated  to your partners so that they create unique content for your brand via their social networks website and pay them according to the sales they make, You can distribute your banners, emails , text links and product feeds.

Track and follow their performance :  thanks to their detailed reporting, it is possible to analyze the performance of your partners on more than 30 KPIs: turnover, commissions, average basket, conversion rate, average conversion time, ROI, etc. Thus, making good decisions when choosing which influencers/affiliates to invest on.

Awin represents a platform that has succeeded in creating trusted partners encouraging progress.

This global affiliate marketing network is a benefit to advertisers and publishers of all sizes when it comes to growing their online business.

This platform is a real solution for advertisers and for publishers, for advertisers ; connecting sellers to over 241,000 active affiliate partners worldwide to increase consumer reach. For publishers ;

Content creators, influencers, website owners, and technology partners can create profitable partnerships with the portfolio of the world's best-known brands across multiple industries offered by this platform.

Choosing this platform will allow you to carry out your activity while benefiting from these famous advantages:

Launch program in a simple and fast way:  With the implementation of simplified adaptation steps and plugin options for different e-commerce platforms, advertisers can launch an affiliate program in a few hours. Upon confirmation of your registration, immediately access the Awin platform to discover the publishers and instruments available to you.
Unlimited access to the directory of editors:  this will allow you to contact all the editors of the network. The possibility of searching for the most suitable publishers for your brand by sector, by keyword or by type of promotional space.

WAIVER OF SETUP FEES AND A RISK-FREE BUSINESS MODEL:  This Awin Access affiliate marketing service, small businesses can land new customers and make sales, with a reduced term commitment, no setup fees and following a risk-free business model.

Medi affiliation represents a software intended for companies and professionals. It is particularly recommended for marketing professions. It is used by “SMEs”, “VSEs” and by companies in the Services or Tertiary sectors of activity. Mediaffiliation pricing is available upon request, as it has a free trial version.

Mediaffiliation is an advanced affiliation platform on which webmasters and advertisers can take advantage to make their sites profitable.

This platform meets the needs of advertisers by increasing their visibility and the needs of publishers by monetizing their traffic.

Are you an advertiser ? You want:

Increase your return on investment?
Access to a large network of affiliates?
A simple software to use?
Tailor-made support?
The solution is there, we recommend that you use  “mediaffiliation” .

Are you an editor  ? You wish :

Optimizing your advertising revenue?
A wide choice of companions?
The speed and guarantee of payments?
An experienced team?
We advise you not to miss this solution which is  “mediaffiliation”.

Mediaffiliation offers you a service to optimize your income with guaranteed support, effective and easy-to-use resources.

Who says “  Mediaffiliation  ” also says team experience, fast and efficient billing, clear technology and good market knowledge.

Daisycon  is an international affiliate platform, which supports its customers in the development of their affiliate campaign, and whose activity is the generation of leads or app downloads at national or international level. This platform helps advertisers achieve their online marketing goals.

Thanks to this famous platform:


Can develop nationally and internationally;
Achieve more sales and leads;
Pay only for measurable results;
Perfect their companion with innovative instruments.
The publishers:

Have the advantage of free registration;
Can earn money with their website, blog, social network or database;
Choose the appropriate campaigns for their media;
So publishers have a wide choice of tools and aids to maximize the effectiveness of their promotional efforts;
The services offered by Daisycon:

Affiliate marketing:  this platform offers the possibility of being promoted on a large international network of publishers, through comparison sites and marketplaces.
Lead generation:  aims to acquire qualified prospects. Generate subscriptions to your newsletter, requests for brochures, creation of customer accounts or requests for car test drives; possibly done through landing pages and optimized for maximizing the conversion rate.
App-installs:  The generation of new installs for your app. Possible for iOS and Android apps. Rewarding publishers per install, signup and/or for in-app purchases.

ClickBank  a platform that offers reliable e-commerce tools, an affiliate marketplace, and also industry-leading support and training.

Thanks to this platform, the development of your business online is no longer complicated, it is a trusted global partner for companies seeking progress online

It is characterized by the quality of "trust" and "excellence", because it offers quality services that can be cited as follows:

Powerful eCommerce Tools and Means:  It provides its users with tools and services that reduce the barrier to entry and make it easy to scale your business online (Hosted Order Form, In-App Payments, Attract , manage and pay affiliates).
Large Affiliate Marketplace:  It connects more than 100,000 sellers and marketers in order to get to the top in terms of the number of customers worldwide (millions of customers); among its features:
Transparency of products on the market;
The reliability and relevance of payments;
The performance of offers.
Industry-leading support and training:  This platform supports your personal and professional growth. And this by:
Personalized account management
Exclusive industry events
Powerful Spark Education Platform
ClickBank  is the global leader in affiliate marketing and e-commerce growth.