Download Ghost Win 10 22H2


Download Ghost Win 10 22H2

Ghost Win 10 22H2 is made from the original Win 10 22H2 x64 installer (Update Build 19045.3693) removing unnecessary apps, retaining Defender and Store.

Integrated IRST driver to support installation on new generation CPU machines (Gen 10-13).

The no soft version does not install any software other than enabling Net Framwork 3.5 and WinRAR.

The ghost version has been optimized, tweaked, serviced, ... before backing up.

After installation, you can go to the C:\Extra folder to use digital copyright activation tools, Windows Update and Defender.

Do not personalize any Windows components.

Download Ghost Win 10 22H2

* Attention:You should use IDM download to achieve the fastest speed.
After downloading, check the MD5 in the md5.txt file is correct then install the ghost version.
The iso file will include no & full soft versions. Especially with this iso file, both Home SL and Pro versions will be integrated so you can choose the best use.
During use, please clean trash, optimize, and defragment the HDD so that Windows operates best.
If you have problems installing or giving feedback, please leave your comments below.