Open two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device


Open two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device

Running two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung device. Of course, we cannot deny the integration of WhatsApp into our daily lives. There are many accounts, some of which are personal and some for work and profession. 

Local companies and stores depend on it, as they have begun to use it for buying and selling, exchanging goods, and displaying goods...etc., but it is difficult to use it. 

One account if he is a person with a job and profession, which may lead him to buy another phone, so that one of them enters the personal account, and the other enters the professional account.

Open two accounts on one Android device

If you are interested in this topic of ours and want to activate two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone in a 100% legitimate way, then you are on the right path, as many methods have recently spread that enable you to open more than one WhatsApp account with different numbers at the same time on the same mobile phone without the need to resort to... To buy new phones and more.

WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

If you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone, you can install the official version of WhatsApp and at the same time download the business version of WhatsApp, which allows you to create a regular WhatsApp account with another number, but it includes some features such as (automatic responses and similar important matters). for business men.

Install WhatsApp Business from the button above.
Enter the other phone number
Enter the confirmation code
Enter your username, and upload your profile picture
Congrats! Account successfully created.
WhatsApp Business has an amazing number of professional tools that meet your needs regarding promotion and marketing, and here are some of the important features that will definitely push you to use it:

Completely free, official from Meta
It can be installed alongside the official WhatsApp version
Professional tools for marketing

Dual App Space

If you want to have more than two accounts, or you do not want to use WhatsApp Business, we advise you to download one of the applications available for free on the store, which enables you to create more than one copy of any application on your mobile phone in a completely safe manner without the need to install root or anything. Malware.

Dual App Space apps give you the ability to create multiple accounts for different social media apps, such as TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and other apps.

Download and install the application from the button above
Open the application and allow it to have permissions
Select the applications you want to copy, then press the “Copy Now” button.
Open the application and create your account easily
This type of application has the ability to access a large number of accounts at the same time by switching between them with ease. Below are some of the best features that will definitely prompt you to use it:

The application is completely free and safe
Copy all social media applications
Very simple interface
Supports old and new Android versions
The ability to create more than one version of any application
The ability to switch between accounts easily
Full customization and control of the library's appearance

We have provided you with an explanation of how to open two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device through WhatsApp Business or by cloning the application through Dual Space App or using modified versions.