How to Check and Track App Positions?


How to Check and Track App Positions?


For a mobile application to reach the top of Google Play and App Store for specific key search terms, you must optimize text metadata and graphic elements on the application page. Here you can draw an analogy with website optimization: you can’t do SEO once and hope for results, it’s a systematic effort.

The Importance of Monitoring App Positions

There is a lot of competition in stores: in 2022, users downloaded over 485 thousand applications every minute. Therefore, you must constantly monitor who appears in the search results for keywords above you and analyze why this is happening.

Why Do You Need to Check App Positions?

It is essential to monitor the position and visibility of the application in the store for several reasons:

  • To make sure that the application is indexed (Google Play and App Store crawl the application page, display and rank it according to detected keywords);
  • To record position changes for specific keywords and promptly adjust the application page.

Regular monitoring of the positions and visibility of the application with Radaso agency will help to collect statistics and think through a promotion plan in the store.

Free Way to Track Your Positions

This method is the simplest but the most time-consuming. You must enter a search term in the search bar and find your application in the results. In this way, you can check the position of the application in Google Play and the App Store.

This method has several advantages:

  • You can see what position an application ranks for a specific request.
  • It is possible to compare your application with competitors’ ones. Based on the analysis, it is possible to draw conclusions about the presence of errors and eliminate them.

The free method also has some disadvantages, such as it takes a lot of time to check all requests, and it is routine work.

What App Parameters to Check?

The number of installations over a certain period affects the app’s position in stores. According to our estimates, about 65% of installations from search come from the first three applications.

To understand how the application optimizes in the store, you need to:

  • Monitor its positions on crucial search terms;
  • Monitor competitors;
  • Analyze current optimization, rating, and other parameters.

You should look for the rating, current optimization, current reviews, competitors by keywords, and campaign statistics.

Developers can enhance their app’s visibility and ranking by keeping track of crucial search terms, analyzing competitors, and adjusting the app’s page accordingly. Such a systematic approach, whether done manually or with the help of paid tools, is vital to staying competitive in a market where visibility in search results is crucial to success.


In conclusion, tracking app positions is a crucial aspect of app storeoptimization. With the increasing competition in app stores, regularly monitoring and optimizing your application's visibility can make a significant difference.

Q&A Section

Q1: How often should I track my app positions?

A: It's recommended to track your app positions regularly, at least once a week, to stay updated on any changes and promptly adjust your optimization strategy.

Q2: Are there any disadvantages to the free method of tracking positions?

A: Yes, the free method can be time-consuming as it requires manual checking of each search term. Additionally, it may not provide comprehensive insights compared to paid tools.

Q3: What are the key parameters to analyze for app optimization?

A: Key parameters include monitoring positions on crucial search terms, analyzing competitors, and evaluating current optimization, rating, reviews, and campaign statistics.

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