Free tool to access and activate hidden options in Windows 10


Free tool to access and activate hidden options in Windows 10

If you rely on the Microsoft operating system on your computer and it is exactly the 10th version and you want to make the most of the features that it carries, then you are in the right place. Until the present time, which are powerful and very useful features that improve and facilitate the work on the computer and make using it more enjoyable and useful, let us agree that Windows 10 is definitely the best operating system available for all computers and laptops.

More hidden features and options in the system, exactly at the level of the registry editing section, in fact there are a lot of things that can be achieved by editing this registry file, including changing the settings that are inaccessible in Windows and others, however, editing the registry It is not out of the validity of everyone,

How to activate hidden functions in Windows 10 

To do this, you will first need to download the tool from this link if you are running Windows 10 with a 30-bit kernel, or from here if it is a 64-bit kernel, and after installation, you will find the front end of the tool in this way.    

Security Tips for Windows 10 Users

You will find seven sections that you can modify through the tool, which are hidden options that cannot be accessed through them.

The first section is dedicated to modifying the This Pc options available on your computer, for example hiding your folders and also hiding the hard disk folder from appearing on your computer and other advanced options.

The third section through which other options can be included in the notifications window that appears in case you click on the right-hand side, for example providing the Copy / Move to folder option, and the take ownership option as well.

Download Ghost Spectre Windows 10 Superlite

Through the System section you can activate and deactivate many important options, including canceling the cortana command prompt, deleting the default OneDrive program with the computer, permanently unlocking the computer ... etc.

Download Windows_11_Pro-22000.675_TPM_x64

The tool provides more other important options. I let you discover it yourself while installing it on your computer, but you must make sure before activating or canceling any option. Press "Preview" to show it before enabling it officially.