Turn your phone into a speaker for free


 All of us, as users of computer devices, are subject to problems and breakdowns of the device, whether you have a desk or laptop computer, and as a result many resort to maintenance centers and technicians to solve these problems, which means the cost of material expenses and the consumption of time, as for the time consuming. Problems of his personal device with his individual efforts, and perhaps the most frequent problem, especially if you are using a computer with a Windows operating system, is stopping the sound play, especially after the process of updating and installing the new version of the system, when when we run a game or watch our favorite series on the device, the sound is not It is supported, and one of the most common reasons that lead to this is the incompatibility of the drivers or drivers for the sound installed in the device, or the failure of the port responsible for the audio output and other problems that cannot be diagnosed due to its difficulty, and as a temporary solution to this problem, the services of an application can be used New for Android that allows turning your phone into a private speakerWith your device, with the ability to connect multiple phones to the same device to build a powerful sound system, especially in cases where you are not alone and you want the sound to reach all parts of the surroundings, the beautiful thing is that the process does not cost any money and you can continue to work with it at any time you want.

In the beginning, make sure that your device and mobile phone are connected to the same empty Wi-Fi network (meaning without internet if you want) and then enter the application and click on this option.

You will find your IP address, save it, which you will need in the next stage.

Now go to the application program on the computer, and enter your IP address that you obtained in the previous stage in addition to naming your smartphone, and then click on the Add option

Then select your phone from the list as in the picture.

Now click on the Connect option to connect your phone to the computer.

Then go to the application on your phone and you will find the Connect option appear at the top, which means that you can now start playing your favorite videos to listen to them directly on your smartphone in high quality.

If the audio player in your computer works without any problems, then when you try the application the sound will work on both devices, the phone and the computer at the same time, and for this, make sure to completely reduce the volume in the computer to enjoy it on your smartphone. 

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