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 Since the emergence of smart phones, daily life is no longer the same, it is easy to see the positive reflection of it on its users, due to the many advantages that are present in it, we can hardly dispense with it easily until it goes beyond the fact that the function of the mobile phone is not limited to making it as a means Call only to the extent that it has now become a necessary means of life, due to the advantages and facilities of the daily life that it provides to us. In addition, it can be said that most of the smart phones in the market have many advantages and are not available in the market. Weaknesses make its performance less than expected, and therefore it is advised to stay away from them, especially if the price is high, the problem in the matter is that every year a new type of phone appears to us with its very strong specifications, which makes us unable to focus on the phone that we want to acquire, and for this exact reason it appeared New sites and services in the arena allow experimenting with phonesIt is an enjoyable experience that will feel that you hold the phone in your hands, and the beautiful thing is that browsing through these smartphones is a very high internet that allows you to download and install applications through it and try it on it.

The kobiton site is the service that we will explain in this article, and it is a site that includes a list of the latest smartphones manufactured by international companies such as Samsung and Apple, the pioneers in this field, at first you will click on this link and click on the Try Now option  

Then you will fill in the spaces corresponding to your correct personal information.

In the next step, you will first activate your account via the link that will be sent to you through the e-mail that you registered with, and then log in to the site.

Immediately after that, the site will display some questions that you must answer to get 100 minutes to try the service for free, and you can select random answers at this stage.

In the next step, the site will show you the list of smart phones that are included in the service, from which you will find the latest modern series of smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and in this explanation I will do an experiment on one of the following phones by clicking on the launch option

And this is how the new window that will display the phone you have chosen looks like, and you can control it, download applications and surf the Internet at high speed as if you were holding the phone in your hands.

In some circumstances, you will find some phones are turned off, so you have to browse the page repeatedly until you find the phones are turned on because they are in the first case used by other users.