600 popular computer programs to download for free



A small tool that does not need to be installed and includes over 600 popular computer programs to download for free!

If you are a computer user, then you must face technology problems while using it, and it seems that it is a normal thing. Directly to the technical support center for the maintenance and repair of its device, knowing that there are some simple repairs that you will give some time to verify and solve them by yourself, which means that you will save very respectable amounts. And if the matter is repeated, the best solution that everyone can resort to is to format the device after taking a backup copy of personal data of course, which is a useful step that will make your computer work as if you have bought it again, but what is wrong with the matter is that you will have to download and install all the necessary computer programs in order to work It's okay and downloading programs one by one looks a little tiring, that's why in this oneThe new post we will share with you a very wonderful tool that allows downloading about 600 known computer programs with simple clicks and in one place, and we do not forget that the tool is known in computer repair centers, where it is used to find out the problems that exist in users' devices and to maintain them, and the tool does not need to be installed and works Directly once you open it, and through it, you can quickly access any program you need, as it includes a wide range of anti-virus and malware programs, in addition to computer maintenance, cleaning and repair programs, as well as video and audio files drivers, and others.

First, you access this link , and then you click on the option that allows you to benefit from a trial period to use the tool.  

Then you will be asked to register the account on the site, and here is the link to do so.  

After activating the account with the email you registered with, the site will give you your activation code.

After going to the tool, you click on Settings, then the License option, and then you enter your activation code in this space reserved for that.

Now you can enjoy downloading and installing all your favorite programs, which are estimated according to the official tool page, about 600 computer programs.