EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 Datasheet



EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 Datasheet

EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 Gate Driver IC to Speed up DC-DC Telecom Bricks Development for Mobile Network Infrastructure 

The new EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 entryway driver IC from Infineon Technologies empowers the improvement of DC-DC telecom blocks for portable organization framework. The double station intersection segregated entryway driver ICs take into account high force thickness, high effectiveness, and vigor in detached DC-DC venture down converters/telecom blocks empowering full scale base stations for 5G and LTE telecom foundations. 

The family contains four variations that offer two diverse draw up flows and two distinctive info setups. The 3A variant has been intended for retrofit plans while the business driving 4A rendition has been intended to diminish MOSFET exchanging misfortunes. The 2EDL8 highlights a coordinated 120 V bootstrap diode and exact channel-to-channel spread defer coordinating of ± 2 ns ordinarily. 

With the assistance of 2EDL802x, the two channels can work autonomously and it is likewise reasonable for askew determined full-spans on the essential side, just as for the coordinated correction stage on the auxiliary side to lessen the misfortunes during the freewheeling stage. The differential information structure of the 2EDL812x and the implicit shoot-through insurance settles on it the ideal decision for non-askew determined essential side half-connect stages in DC-DC block converters. 

Highlights of EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 Gate Driver IC 

120 V boot-tie diode coordinated 

Low obstruction rail-to-rail yields: 

Low-side: 4 A draw up, 6 A draw down 

High-side: 4 A draw up, 5 A draw down 

4 ns postpone coordinating 

Differential sources of info, discretionary

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