SVOD3 Universal Programmer software download


SVOD3 Universal Programmer software download

Version 3 of the SVOD programmer is a universal programmer for a variety of microcircuits. SPI, I2C, ONE WIRE, NAND, NAND SPI, NOR, EMMC, JTAG, UART, ENE, MEC, ITE, NUVOTON, parallel synchronous and asynchronous protocols are all supported by the SVOD3 programmer. When connecting chips, "poor contact" is automatically detected.

Supported Devices:

ENE: KB9010/KB9012/KB9016/KB9022/KB9028

Nuvoton: /NPCE388N

ITE: ITE8386/8580/8585/8586/8587/8985/8987

MEC: MEC1609/1619/1632/1633/1641/1650/1651/1653/5035/5045/5055/5045/5075/5085

Explore Microelectronics: /021/035/036/037


– port of connection to the computer: usb 2.0 high speed.

– connection of microcircuits: zif 48.

– Number of input / output ports: 48.

– supply voltage: 3.3V / 1.8V.

SVOD3 Universal Programmer Latest Version Software: SVOD3_ver1.0.9.7.rar