TCKE712BNL eFuse Datasheet


TCKE712BNL eFuse Datasheet

Component Datasheet

With the presentation of the TCKE712BNL, Toshiba Electronics has extended its high-level eFuse IC portfolio permitting clients to keep a serious level of security in shopper hardware gadgets. Not at all like customary glass cylinder and chip intertwine that breaks with extreme current, the eFuses can be utilized consistently. 

With a quicker responsive outing season of just 320ns and a more prominent expansiveness of underlying insurance works, the TCKE712BNL offers 53mω on-obstruction at an info voltage range traversing from 4.4V to 13.2V. It is conceivable to change this current gadget's over-voltage limit to fit with the particular application prerequisites.

The TCKE712BNL can be utilized in a wide assortment of customer gadgets merchandise, for example, cameras, cordless cleaner, and force apparatuses, cleaning robots, workers, keen, speakers, indoor regulators, and remote chargers, and so forth Conveyed in a smaller WSON10 bundle estimating simply 3.00mmx3.00mm, the TCKE712BNL eFuse offers over-current, over-temperature, and short out security instruments.

The eFuse accompanies a banner capacity that communicates an outer sign for showing potential shortcomings in the circuit plan that can be tended to from the beginning in the advancement interaction. The opposite current obstructing highlight permits the eFuse to be utilized in multiplexed frameworks.

Highlights of TCKE712BNL eFuse

High information voltage: VIN max = 13.2 V

Low ON opposition: RON = 53 mω (typ.)

Flexible over current security

Flexible over-voltage security

Programmable Slew rate control by External Capacitance for Inrush current decrease

Banner shows

Invert current obstructing (SW OFF state)

Warm Shutdown

Note: More specialized data can be found in the TCKE712BNL eFuse Datasheet connected at the lower part of this page and on the TCKE712BNL eFuse item page.