Flash dump TIGER AG V2


Flash dump TIGER AG V2

- Flash 8 mega - Processor 1506TV, RAM 512 - Storage unit up to 8000 channels
- DVB-S satellite broadcasting, signal-sensitive tuner - A library of movies and series 12 months, always updated
Sharing Phoenix
- Supports Wi-Fi 5370 - Supports LAN cable (Internet cable) - Download FTB software
- Download English Arabic online channels - Tiger HD channels file - Tiger HD remote control - LED Tiger HD
- HD input for high-definition screens - TV input for TVs with a 3 * 1 connection
Supports YouTube in a more professional way - Supports all encryption systems and the code is external
Supports 2 USB port - RS232 update port
Server IPTV Fox for 3 months
Show the servers while you are standing on any channel you write 8899
Activation method DOS red

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