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Free services consisting of educational courses to repair and maintain broken devices and phones from your home only

With the passage of time, electronic devices are exposed to the problem of malfunction or damage, if you have ever contacted a technician to repair an iPhone or Android smartphone, you know that moment when he tells you the price of repairing it, and this often seems expensive when compared to the price of buying the device The reason is due to the cost of maintenance, i.e. the time that the technician will spend in the step of repairing it, besides most of the manufacturers guarantee a limited warranty period for users, this means that if one of your devices breaks down during the validity period of the warranty, the manufacturer can pay for its repairs, and with That is, if your warranty expires or the necessary repair does not fall within the terms of the warranty, your request will be rejected, in this case you can choose between hiring an independent repairman or buying a new device, or another option that seems realistic is to perform the repair process yourself, at first glance it may seem like repairing your smartphone It is difficult and complicated by yourself, in fact it is not easy to replace all partsThat the smartphone is made of, and the process of replacing one of the central parts of the phone can be a long and tedious task, but remember that by repairing your smartphone or tablet yourself, you will save a lot of money and considering the many tutorials available on the Internet, these have become The practice is almost common for many users, repairing a smartphone yourself requires some conditions, including availability of spare parts compatible with your phone. To do this, you must search for your brand and also the model of your device and then go to websites that specialize in the sale of spare parts for smartphones and devices. Tablet to buy it, besides to repair your phone, you also need specialized tools such as small screwdrivers etc., and finally to help you in the process of disassembling the phone and replacing the defective parts, you will need to watch the educational videos explaining the steps to do this, and considering that you are not the only one who wants Fix his broken device by himself, he lostOthers thought about it before you and made it their specialty, and accordingly you will find many educational videos on the Internet that guide you step by step and accompany you through the process of repairing your smartphone. 

The iFixit site service is one of the most famous services in the field of explaining ways to repair various mobile phones, the site covers a large group of step-by-step explanations and includes a library of pictures and educational videos to fix any problem you may encounter, where you will find accurate details and high-definition pictures And a review of the tools you will need to do the job

SoSav is the most popular source of its kind due to its features and characteristics that may not be found on other sites. It includes free educational videos and provides a detailed guide for fixing some problems related to mobiles and devices. Smart ... etc., and in general the site covers everything related to the maintenance of various electronic devices in a very professional manner.

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