Baby intelligence test


Baby intelligence test

The care of newborns and newborn children and the development of their skills is a difficult and arduous task that falls on the obstacle of both the father and the mother, but it is more on the mother who always seeks to provide her child’s intelligence or discover his level of development, so we know together today through Ana Mami, a baby’s intelligence test and tips Experts to develop the intelligence of the newborn at a young age, so follow us.

Baby intelligence test

Experts say that there are some indications and indicators that appear on the born child through which he can assess his level of intelligence and use it as an intelligence test for the infant:

communication test

An intelligent infant tends to communicate more with his family or with the guests who visit the house than his peers.
This communication can be visual or social.
Visual communication appears through the child following his surroundings through the eye, noticing them as they exit from one room to another, noticing and following their words and actions and trying to imitate them.

Social communication appears through the child’s desire to integrate with the family and foreplay with them even before he learns to speak. When they talk, he wants to sit with them and attract them to enter into the discussion in several ways, including hand gestures, laughter, smile, screaming, some simple words such as (dada, mama). .

Attention test

Experts say that a smart child is quick and alert.
Focuses to the caller quickly as soon as the call to him by his name.
Also, by hearing his name, he can infer the location of the speaker if the voice is sent from the north or south direction.

He has the strength of attention to focus on those around him during the conversation, even if he is not able to understand what is going on between them in terms of discussion.

How do you test a child's intelligence?

Experts say a baby’s intelligence can be known by following his behavior and actions, his ability to simulate, and the timing of his learning to walk, read and write. We review a set of intelligence tests that the mother can use:

response test

Experts say that a smart child is ready to respond to his family quickly from the first time.

You do not need to talk to him more or repeat the words until he responds.

He pays attention to the conversation he has or among those around him and responds as if he were a small member of the family.

Focuses on giving the mother commands and instructions and implements them or tries to discuss with her by pointing hands, or the word (yes or no), or by shaking his head to express approval or disapproval.

activity test

Experts say that a smart child is characterized by hyperactivity, movement and the ability to wake up for a long period of time.
Also, babies in the same age group sleep fewer hours.
The child's lack of sleep does not affect his activity while awake, so he is alert and alert.

During the waking period, he follows and imitates those with him, and he has a high degree of curiosity and curiosity.

By following his behavior, the family can discover his skills and talents at an early stage prematurely.

stubbornness test

Experts say that one of the characteristics of a smart child is stubbornness and determination. He is not flexible, but rather is determined to see him, despite his young age.

He tends to have a strong personality from a young age.
Has the willpower to learn and acquire skills or learn to walk, write or read early on.

Also, when he enters the nursery, he feels happy because he is acquiring skills and seeks to finish his duties quickly on his own, so he does not do them under the guidance of the mother, but under the guidance of himself, with a feeling of responsibility and a desire for success and distinction.

Games that develop the intelligence of the infant

Experts say that the best toys that develop the intelligence of the infant are those that depend on the mother’s participation in her child in playing, as an alternative to toys that are bought from shops.

The games that are between the mother and the child strengthen the skills and increase the child’s response and interaction with his mother, which develops his motor, sensory, mental and linguistic abilities.

In contrast to commercial games in which the mother lets her child play to do her homework.

The games that develop the intelligence of the infant are many, the most prominent of which are recommended by experts is for the mother to sit with her child on the bed and try to hold his hands and move them up and down, or hold his feet to move them, which strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet to help him later to walk in balance.

Play a song and the mother dances to it trying to hold her child’s hands to encourage him to dance and sway, while still holding him to support him to prevent him from falling, which makes the child feel reassured to continue the movement and dance.

Teaching the child to crawl on the floor of the house using hands and feet.

The child standing in front of the mirror to know its importance in the reflection of the image. The child can also be petted in front of it to know that it reflects everything that happens in front of him. This helps the child to discover the environment around him.

If you want to buy commercial games, you can use rattles or mobile games.

Foods that increase the intelligence of the infant
 Nutrition plays an important role in developing a child's skills and strengthening intelligence abilities.

The lack of nutritional values ​​has a negative impact on attention, focus and memory.

Therefore, attention should be paid to feeding the infant, which includes his access to all minerals and vitamins.

Which requires regular breastfeeding with natural milk, with the nursing mother's interest in feeding her to meet the child's requirements of various healthy nutritional values.

In the case of artificial feeding, milk fortified with nutritional values, especially iron, should be purchased.

After reaching the age of 6 months, the infant enters the stage of combining natural or formula milk with solid food.

Here, solid foods should be added to his diet that are healthy, while staying away from canned or sugary food products or other food products sold in commercial markets because they are of low nutritional value.

It is recommended to give the child fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, yogurt, cheese, brown rice, pasta, crackers, oats, wheat germ, whole grains, fish, white or red meat, nuts.

Characteristics of a child with low intelligence
After we know the features of the intelligent child, it is important to address the characteristics of the child with little intelligence so that the mother knows that her child is of weak intelligence compared to others in the same age group.

Which helps her to discover the problem at an early stage to consult experts to help her provide the intelligence of her child.

Experts say that the characteristics of the child are low in intelligence, that the lack of focus, does not tend to respond to his family in order to respond with them, a great effort must be made to give a reaction.

He tends to sleep a lot, as the number of hours of sleep is many, up to more than 15 hours a day, or the mother notices that when he wakes up from sleep, he wants to sleep again after a short period of time after waking up.

He is more lazy and idle and likes easy games that do not depend on thinking.
He suffers from a delay in learning the first language skills that appear at the first time he pronounces the word (mama or papa).