Download the game The House of the Dead


Download the game The House of the Dead

Download the game The House of the Dead 2 from Media Fire, with a size of 161 MB, and it is one of the oldest action and horror games based on the open world, but it has advanced levels of graphics, effects and action that made it one of the most popular and popular computer games to date. Present.

Get ready to fight endless numbers of zombies, ghosts and monsters in order to save your human friends from their clutches, the download of The House of the Dead 2 from Mediafire comes with many exciting game environments around a deserted city full of mystery so that you have the opportunity to roam the buildings and streets of these the city is ridding it of these bad guys.

Information about downloading the game Horror House 2 for PC:
When you start the Horror House 2 game, you enter into a vast virtual world that you can roam around freely with your firearm, which will be your only means of survival. Progress in the gameplay environment to discover it calmly and deliberately and always be on the alert and vigilant of the zombies coming around you from every direction.

Sometimes as you progress through the game levels, you will find cries and distress calls from peaceful humans who have the bad luck to fall victim to these horrific creatures. You saved their lives.

the way of playing:

After you finish downloading the game Horror House 2 for PC and start opening it, you will find that it consists of multiple levels that you move through gradually, at the end of each level after you kill hundreds of zombies and ghosts, you have to fight a big monster, this fight will not be easy at all.

Beware that you run out of all your bullets and find yourself not ready to meet the monster at the end of the level, the monster will not hesitate to launch its deadly strikes towards you to get rid of you, and here you have to kill it first before your limited life chances end.

Each of these monsters has a certain weak point that the game will reveal to you before entering the final fight, take advantage of that weak point, some of them can be killed easily and quickly by shooting towards the neck, head or heart, and some of them come with fully armored bodies that are bulletproof, think of a good plan to catch them And achieve the level goal by killing him.

More about downloading The House of the Dead 2 game:


The player roams around the terrifying city full of zombies with a normal hand gun with a limited stock of bullets, through this weapon, zombies can easily be eliminated before they get close to you, and fortunately, these creatures often die easily and from one shot, especially shots aimed towards the head is more effective and faster in eliminating them, and sometimes these zombies may use their axes and sharp weapons as bulletproof shields.

Remember that your stock of bullets is limited so do not waste it in vain, after downloading the old game of Horror House 2 sometimes when you rescue a human, the game provides you with more bullets and energy as a reward, you may also find cans full of bullets hidden around the city, search for them and pick them up wherever you find them .


Creatures hostile to you after downloading the game The House of the Dead 2 will not be limited to zombies only, despite the large number of zombies, but there are other enemies that may be more dangerous in stages such as vampires, bats, owls, dangerous birds and slime creatures that appear in green, in addition to To the various monsters that you will meet at the end of each level so that you can move on to the next levels and more excitement and adventure.

The most important advantages of downloading the game Horror House 2 for PC:
You can choose from 3 different difficulty levels.
You can also decide how many survival chances suit you before starting a level.
Some tips and tricks are given to the player to help him defeat his enemies.
The game offers the possibility of co-play or multiplayer with an additional player.
The game has a dramatic story and plot that motivates the player to continue.