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Download Need for Speed 

Download Need for Speed Payback for PC from Mediafire in a small size. Take part in street races, defeat rivals, and enjoy exciting police chases in Need for Speed Payback, which includes a lot of cool cars in addition to many game modes, not to mention that it contains a game environment realistic as possible.

Ghost developed this Need for Speed Payback version in 2017 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it has got many improvements, including graphics, realistic physics, weather, and many other very important things. Restore daylight saving time again.

Information on downloading Need for Speed Payback for PC:
Story mode:
Throughout the story, the player controls three different characters, Tyler, Jess, and Mack, each with their own set of skills, Mac for example is an expert in off-road driving, while Tyler has the ability to drive in the streets The narrow city teeming with cars.

In the story mode, after downloading the Need for Speed Payback game, the player performs many tasks that allow him to obtain new cars, in addition to obtaining a lot of items that can be used to modify the car, and the events of the Need for Speed Payback game also take place in an open world that allows Player's roam freely around the city and explore its various attractions.

Playing environment:

Need for Speed 2017 takes place in Palm City, a fictional city inspired by the southeast of the United States of America, specifically from Florida and Georgia, as it includes many areas such as Downtown, Bayview Park, Blackwood Heights, Cape Castile, Eden Beaches and Edgewood Valley And many other realistic areas.

Exciting races:

Many illegal races are taking place in the palm area and you can participate in them and win to get a lot of gifts and rewards only after downloading Need for Speed Payback from mediafire, but this type of racing is illegal because it takes place in the city streets which makes the police chase all the racers and may It extend to chasing them with the helicopter equipped with a searchlight for night pursuits.

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the cars:

Need for Speed Buy Pack includes a huge fleet of cars of different brands, such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, McLaren, Volkswagen, Mercedes and many others, and they all match their realistic counterpart in all respects, even the sound of the engine.

Each car has a performance rating from 0 to 399, and the higher the rating of the car the better the performance for sure, and the player can immediately download Need for Speed Payback for PC to increase the performance of the car by adding performance parts with a higher rating, where the player can change the entire engine of the car if necessary, The thing is, cars that pass the maximum performance rating are given a rating of 400+.

Each car is distinguished from others in terms of the amount of power and torque produced by the car engine, in addition to the car’s ability to gain speed and maximum speed of the car and finally the additional power produced by the car engine when using nitrous, and despite the possibility of upgrading the capabilities of each car, each car has Car has a limit to upgrade in Need for Speed Payback.


You can customize the color of the car and choose from a wide range of paint colors. After downloading Need for Speed 2017 for PC, you can add many parts that give the player’s car an exclusive look that distinguishes it from others, in addition to the possibility of fully customizing the car from the inside, not to mention the The possibility of adjusting the car exhaust sound by changing the exhaust parts.

The most important pros of downloading Need for Speed Payback:
Includes a large collection of fast cars.
A vast and very realistic gaming environment.
The ability to monitor car parts and customize their appearance.
Dynamic weather directly affects the performance of the car.
Many activities that the player finds randomly while roaming.


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Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012
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Need for Speed: Payback
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