Here's how to protect your personal data

Here's how to protect your personal data from malicious Chrome extensions!
Here's how to protect your personal data from malicious Chrome extensions!

Google Chrome extensions are used to add new features or improve pre-existing program functionality to make it more efficient for users. However, most Chrome extensions have unlimited access to all users' browsing, which poses the risk of accessing personal and banking data, the content of all open emails and websites on tabs. Some stalkers also have access to all passwords when you enter them, in addition to storing your cookies. If you use chrome to browse the internet, you surely have some extensions installed, and you are looking for a way to detect if any of these extensions are stealing your personal data. In this article we will share with you an extension specially developed for the purpose of checking the accessibility of our confidential data from the extensions installed in Google Chrome.

Salesforce Security is a free extension that you can find on the Chrome Web Store. After installation, the extension adds an icon that looks like a dash badge to the address bar. Which means the supplement is ready to use.

To get started, click on the extension icon in the address bar. A window will appear where the extension will display all the active extensions with their security rating. Next to each extension name, there is a toggle switch to turn the extension on or off. When you click on one of the extensions shown, Salesforse Security shows all the permissions granted to it, along with the name and email address of the developer, the number of users and a description of the extension if available.

The extension determines the level of severity it assigns to all installed extensions. If the color is green, then the add-on is trustworthy. The orange color indicates that the extension is likely to be of medium risk, while the red color is likely to be a great danger, then finally a red triangle and the word Danger, which it considers the most dangerous extension of the previous models.