strategies to beat the robots

strategies to beat the robots 

In one of the discussions I had recently, one was asking: Would you let the robot do your chores and correct your linguistic and grammatical errors, or would you rather do everything on your own? Although I do not reject the idea of artificial intelligence to help me review my articles, I will not accept the idea if it comes to me now because I still suffer from “One-man show” syndrome, and I would prefer to review my work myself because my review corrects words, paraphrases sentences, adds and deletes paragraphs; So I won't use a robot unless it's programmed into my brain's way of working first, but can humans really save their lives from robots, and keep their work that robots have taken over?

I think this topic will concern humans from now on, especially those with professions that robots have mastered better than humans themselves, and now what do we do to protect our future from artificial intelligence?

There is no doubt that technological development is required, and for myself, I hope that they invent an artificial device capable of diagnosing diseases based on examining vital signs and sensing anything that is not going well inside the human body. Imagine, for example, that people go every month to this device to do a comprehensive examination instead of analyzes X-rays, etc., I think this invention will greatly benefit humanity, and if someone decides to do that idea I am willing to give him more details and information to complete this project, but now how are we going to face the status quo and beat machines that may steal our jobs in the future?

The answer to this question will be known after reading the following five strategies:

1- Evolve constantly

Evolution is not only to beat artificial intelligence but for you as well, to become better than you were ten or five years ago, in China they measure the development of their lives throughout the year and may change their entire methods if they have not achieved anything after a year after entering a certain field; That's why I have so much respect for the people of East Asia, especially China and South Korea. And do not forget that continuous development and learning helps to improve the capabilities of the mind, and the mind is the most important weapon that humans have in their wars against life variables.

2- Live in parallel universes

And here we'll talk about your deepest skills, but before that ask yourselves: Is there anything I'm good at other than the field I've dedicated my life to? I am sure that you will discover three areas or at least two areas in which you can achieve miracles other than your main field, and the reason for the second strategy is to make you “Irreplaceable”, people who are indispensable in this life, of course I know that we are all unique and irreplaceable personalities , but on the professional level there is a fierce war and we must fortify ourselves from the beginning by finding at least two areas beside our main field.

3- Don't fake yourself

The goal of our conversation today is not only to beat the robot but my goal is to make you feel that you are so special that your loved ones can't describe it, and for me excellence equals the real, original character. Look at the children and reflect on their behavior for a while, then you will know why all mankind has gathered to love children; Because they are simply pure and on their own.

4- See the future as an opportunity, not a challenge

If you read my previous articles, you must have passed by that sentence, which is that every new sun comes with three gifts. In that article, I told you that the third gift is new opportunities, and this is the point of the fourth strategy to prepare for the future and not be afraid because the future will not harm you, but quite the opposite. Each day will give you a new opportunity to either fix what you messed up yesterday or take another step towards success.

5- Do what others can't

The phrase “The Abstaining Plain” I heard many times from my readers and friends after they followed my articles and novels, at that time I was not very happy and did not consider that sentence as praise, but with time I focused on the word “The Abstain” and I went back to my days in marketing during and after my university studies, and I remembered my clients one day Friday of anger and they call me to check on me and to ask about the latest offers of the Swedish beauty company, and my other clients who refused to talk to my friends at work during my absence, only then I understood that everyone may be professional marketers but they could not form a strong relationship with their clients, a relationship based on trust in a person just one; So always try to do what others can't, make humans and even AI desperate for your presence.

My sister has not yet been convinced that medicine and I separated after obtaining (85%) in a second secondary school, and she still says, "You were supposed to see a doctor, not a journalist," but she does not know that God - the Almighty - saved me from committing the biggest mistake in my life. And he gave me a sign to alter my course, and here I want to tell you, dear reader, that each one of us has a sacred mission on earth, and we must hold fast to our part and do it to the fullest, and I will end my speech with two quotes that you will always remember by William Shakespeare and Michael Jordan: the first of which says: “We know what We are at it right now, but we don't know what we'll be like in the future.” Jordan says, “You should expect great things from yourself before you even achieve them.”