The effect of exercise on appetite


The effect of exercise on appetite

Many people want to do sports activities to reduce the accumulated fat and burn the calories they consumed during the day; But some individuals suffer from a problem of appetite and the inability to stop eating fatty diets with high calories, and some individuals stop exercising because they believe that the appetite for food will not stop when exercising; But it must be noted that everything has a solution.

What is the effect of exercise on appetite? Many individuals wonder about the impact of the practice of sports activities on the appetite towards high - calorie food, and many of them do you wonder sports activities increase appetite towards high 

- fat food or appetite this fall? Several studies conducted on the effect of sports activities on appetite have confirmed that sports activities suppress an individual’s appetite, and many studies have confirmed that the main reason for suppressing appetite for food when engaging in sports activities is that: When exercising, the body sends many signals to the brain, and these signals lead to suppression of appetite. 

Several studies have confirmed that the practice of certain sports activities, for example: running, horse riding, and many high-intensity aerobic sports significantly reduce appetite by a large percentage; Where there is a change in the hormonal levels that lead to the individual feeling hungry, and a few of these hormones responsible for hunger are secreted in the individual's body.

 Studies have also confirmed that when an individual engages in sports activities, his body temperature begins to rise; As this rise causes many signals to be sent to the brain to decrease appetite. Some people believe that high-intensity aerobic activity increases appetite. 

Because in their view, the body needs many calories to compensate for all the calories lost during exercise; But this is a wrong belief, and sports lead to a significant appetite suppression. 

It must be noted that the suppression of appetite that begins after the individual engages in sports activities continues for 12 hours.