The mayor of New York would like to get his salary in Bitcoin

The mayor of New York would like to get his salary in Bitcoin!

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said in a tweet Thursday that he wants his salary to be paid in Bitcoin.

Mayor Eric Adams tweeted, “New York always makes big money, so I will be getting my first three Bitcoin salaries when I become mayor. New York City will be the epicenter of the crypto industry and other fast-growing innovative industries! Just wait!”

The Verge said the move was part of a contest with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez in which Adams' tweet was in response to Suarez saying he would take his next paycheck in bitcoin. Adams promised to look at what was slowing down crypto investment in New York, and Suarez offered support for a project called MiamiCoin that would allow people to invest in cryptocurrency in the city. Suarez also said that he hopes that one day the city's salaries and taxes will be paid in bitcoin.

According to the same site, the city of Miami has a lead as moved its US operations from New York to Miami earlier this year, and the president of El Salvador announced that the country would adopt bitcoin as an official currency at the Miami conference.