Ultimate Personal File Scan Tool


 Ultimate Personal File Scan Tool

Here is a powerful tool to permanently delete your personal files in one click and challenge anyone to retrieve them again!

Sometimes some users mistakenly delete some of their important files or documents, and therefore search for a way to retrieve them, and despite the fact that some delete these files from the various storage units, but there are many other methods that help us again

Permanently delete them, because in this case the operating system prevents users from accessing these files when they are deleted in the secondary storage, as they cannot be permanently disposed of until they are replaced with a new file. 

Deleted videos from the recycle bin and easily recover lost files, and in other circumstances some may want to get rid of them

permanently with the intention of selling the phone, for example, or for other reasons, and in fact there is a powerful tool that allows deleting your personal files while ensuring that they are not retrieved again even if Dozens of computers and phones have been used in this regard. How? That? Follow along with me.

In the first, you will need to download the iShredder application on your phone or laptop (in this explanation we will depend on the version of the application on the phone), and after installation you click on this option.

Now you will select the folder containing the file you want to delete (you have the option to delete the entire folder)

In this case, I will select a random image and then press the option to go back.

In this interface, you will choose the type of deletion pattern that you want to adopt, and it is recommended to choose the recommended pattern through the application.

Then you agree to this window, which tells you that if you delete the specified file, you will not recover it again.

Wait a little while the file is deleted, and as soon as this interface appears, it means that the specified file has been deleted successfully. 

You can try file recovery applications and programs now and you will find that the file you deleted has not been recovered again. 

download links:

For Android , for iPhone , for Windows , for Mac .