Description Network Synchronizer

Description Network Synchronizer

Part Si5348
Description Network Synchronizer


Si5348 Rev E Data Sheet Network Synchro nizer for SyncE/ 1588 PTP Telecom Bound ary (T-BC) and Slave (T-SC) Clocks The Si5348 combines the industry’s smalle st footprint and lowest power network s ynchronizer clock with unmatched freque ncy synthesis flexibility and ultra-low jitter.
The Si5348 is ideally suited f or wireless backhaul, IP radio, small a nd macro cell wireless communications s ystems, and data center switches requir ing both traditional and packet based n etwork synchronization.
The three indep endent DSPLLs™ are individually confi gurable as a SyncE PLL, IEEE 1588 DCO o r a general-purpos .