Download Si8655 Datasheet


Download Si8655 Datasheet

Part Si8655
Description Low Power Five-Channel Digital Isolator


Si8650/51/52/55 Data Sheet Low Power Fi ve-Channel Digital Isolator Skyworks' family of ultra-low-power digital isola tors are CMOS devices offering substant ial data rate, propagation delay, power , size, reliability, and external BOM a dvantages over legacy isolation technol ogies.

The operating parameters of thes e products remain stable across wide te mperature ranges and throughout device service life for ease of design and hig hly uniform performance.

All device ver sions have Schmitt trigger inputs for h igh noise immunity and only require VDD bypass capacitors.
Data rates up to 1 50 Mbps are su .
Manufacture Skyworks
Download Si8655 Datasheet