How to Easily Increase AdSense Profits in 2024

How to Easily Increase AdSense Profits in 2024

One of the most often requested questions in today's society is how to increase AdSense revenues. Everyone aspires to earn from AdSense in many ways because it is the finest ever, owing to its dependability, guarantee, and positive feedback from a large number of customers, in addition to the substantial income generated by Google AdSense.

AdSense provides a variety of options for increasing income from the advertising it displays, including targeting and the ability to delete low-cost ads. Profits from AdSense can be boosted in the following ways:

First, by blocking some adverts, you can increase your AdSense profits.

Some adverts should be disabled because they cause visitors to flee your site quickly and never return.

The following are some examples of such groupings that should be avoided:

Reproductive and sexual health, social casino games, sex and sexuality referrals, dating, religion, black magic, astrology, and secret rituals

Where you must go to a list of sensitive categories and ban them, and blocking such ads makes your website the source of crimes and ills.

And gives visitors the impression that your site infringes on modesty, regardless of its field or how beneficial the content is.

Second, there's the issue of ad placement.

Because many sites choose a suboptimal ad position, such as placing the AdSense advertisement below the header to gain the maximum click-through rate for the best profit, the position of the ads has a significant impact on the profit rates from Google AdSense.

High click rates may help you momentarily enhance AdSense income, but the average click price in AdSense will fall over time.

And the vast majority of clicks will be made without the user's knowledge, resulting in fake clicks that yield no results for marketers.

The rivalry to show AdSense advertising on your site will lessen as time goes on.

In addition, the advertiser will lower the cost per click.

Fourth, there are free and low-cost advertisements.
Free ads and ads have no place on your site, but how do you know what your site's ad pricing are? There are two methods for obtaining price information.

1- Go to, copy the link, and then select Preview Ads from the drop-down menu.
After that, advertisements will show for you to click on to open the ad in a new window and copy the ad link.
To gather information about a domain, go to keyword spy and paste the previously copied ad link into the search box, then click search.
Also, keep an eye on the second choice, which is advertisements. If you see a notification that says "No result found," try a different keyword or block that advertisement.

There's also a third option:

To allow or block ads, go to the AdSense menu.
Then go to the Ad Review Center to see a variety of advertising.
Without clicking on the ad, check it out and copy it.
After that, go to the keywordspy website and follow the remainder of the procedures outlined in the first approach, except that the ban and ban are both accessed from the same location, as all you have to do is click on the advertisement or the word ban at the bottom.
Then, on the left, click on a small arrow at the bottom of the ad to reveal a message (ban this adwords account), which you must click to block.
When you've finished,

Sixth, turn on AdSense's automated adverts.

Automated advertisements must be enabled from the Google AdSense control panel, and this is due to the necessity of automatic ads in that they present relevant adverts to visitors, increasing the rate of visitor interaction and clicks on the ads, and therefore directly increasing AdSense income.
Furthermore, automated ads are enabled on free blogger templates since they lack the ability to display ads from inside the layout, whereas paid designs include the options for displaying ads in the template with AdSense.

Increasing the site's speed is the seventh step.

Site performance is vital not just for improving AdSense CPC, but also for the user experience of your site, which has a big impact on SEO.
In reality, enhancing the site's speed is a fundamental and critical factor. The hosting is always the foundation for the site's speed. You should pay attention if you are with a terrible web hosting business.
Most importantly, it will improve the overall quality of your site for AdSense customers (advertisers), resulting in higher Google AdSense profit rates.

Eighth, I utilize a variety of advertisements.

In reality, you should employ multiple ad units on the site; why do you always use a Google AdSense ad unit, or why do you exclusively use Auto Ads? Perhaps some forms of promotion aren't providing you with the best return on investment.

For example, auto ad units may not make you less money than static ad units; in fact, Auto ADS may make you more money! Perhaps not!

What I'm trying to say is that you should experiment with several types of AdSense advertising and placements to see which one works best for you and helps you increase AdSense revenues.

Use of external referral pages (ninth)

The page provides the option of waiting for the visitor.

The tenth tip is to use the advertisements search engine.
Your site search engine's advertisements module will be fantastic; you can use it instead of your site search engine.

When a visitor conducts a new search, Google AdSense will display search advertising to him.

Furthermore, this method can assist in efficiently increasing Google AdSense income.