How to make a lot of money from YouTube

How to make a lot of money from YouTube

How to make money on YouTube, start a channel, or come up with a YouTube channel concept. To be honest, I don't have a YouTube channel, but I came across this answer in a Tunisian group and translated it into Arabic for you. I aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of people.

I'm aware that the quantity of profit made on YouTube is determined by five elements.

  • The topic of the channel (Niche) must be a strong niche in order to be able to earn money
  • Video length (more than 10 minutes)
  • Family content, meaning it does not contain offensive or immoral content that will keep you away from the advertisers
  • The nationality of the viewers, i.e. that they are viewers of a nationality in which the CPM is high, so that USA, Suisse, Koweït and others have higher profits.

  • Original content, I mean, do not combine movie clips with a song and say this is content for me, you have edited g, but content is not yours. You must create content, including audio and video

The first stage is Niche, which is the most critical point:

YouTube has many topics and content, and they call themselves niche.

Each niche and followers are special to it and the quality of the followers is the one who determines the amount of profit in a channel, and there is a niche that does not enter money for the channel and it is forbidden that you earn money from it. I am saying that YouTube does not accept evaluations.

A pure gold niche (like a Tunisian) has 2000 views which is better than 200,000 views for other niches.

Topics of the channels through which you can earn a lot of money are everything related to money and work (business, money) and cryptocurrency everything that is related to it, how to earn it, buying and selling real estate and cars, the lives of the rich and those who dream of being wealthy, but their followers need money urgently, recovering that they spend to earn money or those who are wealthy. Advertisers know this and compete for who puts it in a video. This is what pays YouTube more, and this is how YouTube makes money, and you win.

The most powerful niche:



Auto Reviews

Real Estate


Online Marketing



How to make money on YouTube



Freelance business

My CPM for this niche reaches $50 in a minute

There are other niches, but you win less from them, and if you can beat competitors, you will win respectable sums, including:


Food (Healthy food and dieting)


Gaming (more niches are developing over time)

Product reviews

psr vr



And there is a niche that does not generate revenue for the channel, and even if you enter it, it will be a bit like

Prank videos



Amv's (Problematic)

Sounds effect creation

To let you know that you do not understand business and are not interested in e_commerce

And you like, for example, fashion

Here we move to the second strategy, which is choosing a niche in the middle of a niche. The more narrow your niche, the higher the viewership, regardless of what you think.

For example, in a fashion, create a channel that talks about the fashion of the hijab or the accessory or something else, and you must choose a topic. You could make thousands of videos talking on this topic. There are many sites that choose a niche with low compensation. If you are a genius, create your ownr own niche

Niche allows you to make videos longer than 8 minutes, as the video during this period is shown with ads in the manner you desire. Shows viewers and YouTube chooses the longest videos

Your content must be in a language that is easy to understand and universal, such as English, French, and Arabic, for example, the Tunisian dialect. You should not provide content specific to Tunisians only, but rather target the rest of the Arab countries, because the CPM in Tunisia is low, only 2 dollars. 

You need to target the Egyptians and the Gulf because they have the strongest NISH in the Arab world, and if you are proficient in English, submit your content in this language, and you will make more money.

Original content should come from you, the owner. The biggest mistake is to copy human content and claim that I will do the same. Imitation will not lead you to a conclusion that you can take inspiration from someone and not imitate him. 

Create your own content. And even if you make content with songs or videos that are not yours, your request for evaluation will reject the same topic for people who make videos with clips of movies and series with the addition of a song. 

The content can be watched by many, but you do not have ownership of songs or videos, and at any moment you can close your channel. YouTube will not pay you for copying you or for something that is not of your own making