How to work with Amazon from home


How to work with Amazon from home

How to earn money from amazon for beginners

How to work from home with Amazon: strategies for beginners to benefit from Amazon
What exactly is Amazon?
Profits from Amazon
The proprietor of the Amazon corporation
Here are four different ways to work at Amazon from home.
1 - Affiliate Marketing is a great way to benefit from Amazon.
Advantages of Amazon (Affiliate Marketing)
2 - Amazon Profits - Amazon Profits - Amazon Profits - Amazon Profits - Amazon Profits - Amazon Design for t-shirts
Advantages of Amazon (T-shirt Printing)
3 - How to Make Money on Amazon - Amazon Kindle (amazon kdp)
What is Amazon kdp, and how does it work?
What is the foundation behind the Amazon kdp concept?
How can I join up for Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program?
How can I upload my first book to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service?
What is Amazon's profit margin on the Kindle?
4 - How to Make Money with Amazon - Amazon Jobs

Working with Amazon has grown regular in recent years, yet many readers may wonder: What proof and experience do we have working with Amazon? Who was Amazon to begin with? Is working for Amazon a sure way to make money and have a steady income? This article will address all of these and other questions.

Working with Amazon is not a new product, but it is an old one, but the unique feature that we will discuss in this article is that you can work with Amazon while sitting at home (working from home), that is, without having to travel to the Amazon headquarters.

This essay is for you, dear reader, whether you are seeking for a job and a steady income, whether you are a student, jobless, working and looking for additional cash, or a housewife. I am confident that working with Amazon will earn you a lot of money and, if you are an employee, will replace your job.

Believe me when I tell you that there are thousands of people across the globe that earn over 6000 thousand dollars per month working for Amazon, despite the fact that they do not have a diploma and instead have collected expertise in the industry in which they work, which I will describe.

In this article, I will go over in boring detail all of the areas in which you can work with Amazon from home, whether you are a beginner or a pro, so if you are one of those who wants to make a steady profit from Amazon from a distance, please read the article from beginning to end so that you do not miss any information.

What is amazon?


What is amazon? amazon amazon It is an American company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and it is a company specialized in e-commerce, with its headquarters in Seattle Washington  in the United States of America.


Amazon is one of the largest online retail companies in the world, with yearly sales of very impressive globally. The thing that made it topping the list of the richest companies in the world.


Amazon has a significant number of retail branches in each of the following countries: the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, China, Japan, India.


Amazon supports a very large number of languages in the world, and in 2016 the German branch of Amazon supported Turkish, Dutch, and Polish.


Amazon started out as an e-book store, but soon it began to expand to include other products, such as video discs, computer software, video games, clothing, jewelry, accessories, sportswear, musical instruments ... etc.


Amazon profits


Amazon's profits in 2017 amounted to about $3.03 billion, an increase of 30.8%The Amazon share price reached $968 per share.


In 2021, the company achieved $7.8 billion in net profits, only in the second quarter of the year (2021), an increase48%For the same quarter last year, and this is all from e-commerce and cloud services, without any slowdown, despite the imposed health restrictions.


Amazon was able to purchase a large number of companies with the same specialization to include them, such as, which announced the completion of the sale in 2017, without specifying the sale value.


Amazon company owner


Jeffrey Preston BezosFounder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amazon, where he was born on January 12, 1964.


At the beginning, the owner of Amazon worked as a financial analyst at DE SHAW companyIn 1994, he established Amazon, after gaining significant experience.


It is expected that Jeffrey Bezos, the owner of Amazon, will become one of the world's richest people in 2040, as according to reports issued by magazines interested in rich personalities in the United States of America, Bezos will become a "trillionaire" within the next few years.


The fortune of the founder of Amazon in 2021, specifically, amounted to 211 billion dollars, after the company's share rose by 4.7%After the US Department of Defense announced the termination of the cloud computing contract with MicrosoftCompetition, this Amazon share price has reached3.251.08American dollar.


And in the year 2020, the wealth of the owner of the Amazon company amounted to more than 113 billion US dollars, as everyone is rushing to buy the company’s shares, because they know very well that the owner of the Amazon company (Jeffrey Bezos), has planned well for his company during the coming years.


Here are ways to work with Amazon from home


Below I will share with you 4 ways to profit from Amazon from home, which foreigners and Arabs rely on and make thousands of dollars per month, including some methods that do not need you to have any experience, just follow what I will explain to you in the article, or what I will explain in the video that I will leave to you down the annotated path.


1 - How to profit from Amazon - Affiliate Marketing


Currency marketing is one of the most common ways to profit from Amazon, and the term may seem complicated and difficult at the beginning of your reading of it, but in fact it is much easier than that, and this difficulty is what made a number of Arab youth do not know much about it.


Let's take a look, for example, at the definition given by Wikipedia for currency marketing or, as some like, "affiliate  marketing ".


There is no doubt that a large number of people found it difficult to understand this definition, especially those who are not accustomed to hearing marketing commercial terms based on network marketing.


Quite simply, commission marketing is to promote the products of a company by inviting friends and followers to buy Amazon products through the link of that product, and in return this company will give you a commission in return for having brought him a buyer or a customer.


In other words, imagine with me - and this happens many times - when your friend asks you where to buy a  Jacket After he likes it, and you take him to buy the same jacket from the same store, then the owner of the store gives you a fee for bringing him a new customer.


Simply, this is commission marketing, but one of you may wonder and say: How can I do that, and what is the most appropriate way to persuade others to buy? How will it be promoted? And what products can I promote?


So, dear reader, if you are one of those who have been tempted to profit from Amazon through commission marketing, all you have to do is choose the type of product that you will promote.


To promote a product with me, you have to choose your appropriate platform to do so, either the YouTube platform, Facebook page, Instagram account, or a website ... etc.


In this regard, I suggest that you read these very useful articles, which will help you to profit from Amazon hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars per month.

Amazon Advantages (Affiliate Marketing)

In fact, Amazon has many advantages, which is why it made many marketers flock to it, especially on the affiliate marketing method.


Below I will show you some of the advantages that will make you accept to profit from Amazon, through affiliate marketing.


- Amazon provides you with many different products, all you have to do is specialize in the niche that will suit the followers of your site, your channel, your  Facebook page, or otherwise.


- The step of accepting your site or channel is considered the most important step, as you must have strong traffic, that is, to have a certain number of views, visits and interactions on the channel, site or page, and all of these things are not specific and unknown, but the more views and visits The higher the better.


- Therefore, dear reader, you must pay attention to the content that you offer more, even if you are rejected, work to improve your content and submit the application to Amazon a second and third time until you are accepted.


- Amazon is world famous, so it is very easy to convince people to buy through your link, and the low commission rate is between 3% And 10%On a single product, this commission is high compared to other marketing sites.


- In fact, the method of profit from Amazon through commission marketing is the best, best and easiest method ever.


I think that, dear reader, you have formed an idea on the method of commission marketing from Amazon, so now you have to roll up your sleeves and start working.


2 - How to profit from Amazon - Amazon T-shirt design


The method of profit from designing Amazon t-shirts is one of the best and best ways. There are those who prefer it over commission marketing, and this process is called merch by amazon .


The idea of profit from designing Amazon t -shirts is based on the design of logos) and drawings on a T-shirt, and this process must be well thought out and planned.


For example, you can design t-shirts on the occasion of specific events, targeting specific countries, such as Christmas, for example, football events and other international events and events.


The selling price of one T-shirt may reach between $13.99 and $25.99, and this difference between the price of the T-shirt is due to the quality of its manufacture, and if any T-shirt is sold, you get 11%or 13% From the proportion of the T-shirt I designed.


Dear reader, you can use sites that will teach you to design t-shirts, or you can buy t-shirt designs at low prices, such as those sold on Fiverr , and uploaded to merch by amazon to profit from it.


You should know that there are millions of people who visit Amazon, so if your designs are good, know that your sales will be in the hundreds, which means that your profits from design will be fantastic.


Amazon Advantages (T-shirt Printing)

Below I will show you a set of features or characteristics that distinguish the T-shirt printing program, and I will also provide some useful tips for accepting your request with Amazon.


- To accept your request on Amazon, dear reader, you must show your desire, interest and great passion for this field, through the site that you will apply for.


- The words (your personal information) that will be provided in the additional information must be carefully chosen, to show the person who will review your application that you are an expert in the field of T-shirt design.


- It should be noted that the process of accepting the application is not specified in a specific time.


- Immediately after accepting your request, you can place only 10 designs on your Amazon account, and after selling 10 sales, the site allows you to add 15 designs, bringing the total number to 25 designs, the more your design sales increase, the more Amazon allows you to download new designs and in double numbers ... and so on .


- Amazon t-shirt design, you can earn thousands of dollars per month, and in order to achieve this, you have to look for the best-selling, most profitable and most requested designs.


There are many profitable ways from Amazon, which many users of this company rely on, to make hundreds of dollars per month, and sometimes it may reach thousands of dollars per day.


3 - How to profit amazon - amazon kindle ( amazon kdp)


I do not hide a secret from you that the great increase and the unparalleled demand that Amazon has known recently, especially with the emergence of the Corona pandemic, has become everyone who works on this section of Amazon, i.e. Amazon Kindle amazon kdp It achieves unimaginable sums.


And this is what I will explain in this particular point, as I will give you everything you will need to start profiting from Amazon kdpAnd, God willing, you will achieve very important sums of money.


What is amazon kdp?

Amazon KDPQuite simply, it is an acronym for Amazon Kindle Direct PublishingIt is also called Amazon Kindle in relation to the first and second words ( amazon kindle .).), then there is no difference between the two words, only each person and his desire to use the word that suits him.


Now we will learn the meaning of the phrase Amazon Kindle Direct PublishingIn the Arabic language, this sentence means " Amazon for automatic book publishing" or what is known for short as ( kdp), this is the definition.


On what basis is the idea of amazon kdp based?

amazon kdp platform launched November of the year 2007, and the idea of this platform is based on offering the books of authors and publishers for sale, through two basic formats: either ebookor paperback.


It means ebookThese are the books you can buy and read in pdf formatOr you can buy it in paper form, and these books can be a novel, a story, or a scientific, cultural, historical, or philosophical book...etc.


This method is not suitable for a large number of people wishing to profit from Amazon Kindle, as it can be said that the percentage of%90Which of these does not suit them. Being not writers, authors, critics...etc.


 Even if you want to write an article, book, story, or anything, and you want it to sell well, you must write it in English or other international languages, and be proficient in it, in addition to being proficient in the material you will write in.


As for the paperbackIt means : they are paper books that can be printed, or in a more precise sense, they are called daily diaries, such as children's coloring notes, personal information recording notes, and notes that are used in schools and universities, which are lined pages.


 This is how it works%80 From professionals and beginners to profit from Amazon Kindle, from which they make very large sums. So that they design a cover for these notes and upload them to Amazon for sale, and the Amazon Kindle is responsible for printing and sending them to the customer.

Amazon Kindle Registration Link

How to sign up for amazon kindle amazon kdp

The Amazon Kindle registration process is very easy, but it requires a lot of your personal information, all you will need is to pay attention to this process very important, especially if you are serious about working on the Amazon Kindle.


It should be noted that the site will ask you to enter the information of your bank account, whether electronic or physical (a bank), for this you need to open an account on PayoneerOr an account with a bank within your country.


As for the other information, it is very simple, but it must be real and identical to the one on your card, ie your national identity.


Tip: Hurry up to register on amazon kindle kdp As long as the registration process is done immediately without any condition or restriction, the registration process will most likely become like merch by amazon, I mean, your application will be manually reviewed before it is approved, and of course your application may be rejected, and you know that the acceptance rate is very low.


How to upload the first book on amazon kindle amazon kdp

The method of uploading the first book on the Amazon Kindle depends on many steps that require great focus and good planning. The most important of these steps are:


Finding a domainThe percentage of competition for it is weak.

Search for keywords related to this field.

Start designing the book cover.

Importing book content (inner papers).

Upload the book's design, and fill in the book's information.


How much profit is amazon kindle?

It should be noted that the percentage of Amazon Kindle profits is as follows, we assume that you want to sell your book at6.99$Here, Amazon will deduct a percentage (tax + book printing), so that the net amount of profit from selling a copy of one book is1.90$ dollar.


Of course, the selling price of the book is determined by the quality of the design, and the percentage of competition for the field in which you designed your book, and based on these and other indicators, you can determine the price of the book. For example, if you put a price8.99$Your net profit from the book will be3.90$dollars, and so forth.


4 - How to profit from Amazon - Amazon job amazon jobs


The way to profit from Amazon Job is jobs One of the best ways, so that you can browse all the job offers on the Amazon Job site, apply for a job, and once you are accepted, you start working and making money.


When you enter Amazon Jobs, you can search for the thing that you master to work in, for example: design, montage, website preparation, programming, photography, manual work ... there is a field that says: search for jobs title or keywordYou can enter in it the type of work you are looking for.


There is also a box that says location You can locate any country or any city in which you wish to work. Once you enter this information and press enter, the site will show you all the available offers, with which you can apply for any job you wish.

amazon jobs link

Finally, in this article, we discussed how to work with Amazon from home: through 4 ways to profit from Amazon for beginners.


In fact, working from home, especially with Amazon, has become a very common and profitable thing, especially with this rapid increase that Amazon has known recently, not in terms of visitors or in terms of the number of sales it achieved during the year. So, do not miss the opportunity to work with Amazon.