Download Ghost Win 10 Lite


 Download Ghost Win 10 Lite

FBConan rebuilt Ghost Win 10 Lite from the Windows 10 Pro 21H2 installation (19044.1263) CompactLite, omitting Defender, Update,... but preserving the Store (details at the end of the article).
Only Google Chrome and WinRaR are installed in the no-soft version.
Before backup, the ghost was optimized, modified, serviced, and so on.
You may utilize the digital and office license activation tools by going to the C:Extra folder after installation.
Personalize none of the Windows's components.

Filename Size MD5

Win10.21H2.Lite.Lehait.gho 4.08 GB f523eb141bd9696821c610bb36256ed0
Win10.21H2.Lite.Lehait.iso 4.42 GB bef42a5eb249254dc253b858cc905d82
UEFI Win10.21H2.Lite.Lehait.tib 3.91 GB 09184764e84b47c7962f406a79e752b0