Download Ghost Win 10 21H2



Download Ghost Win 10 21H2

Update April 2022: Ghost Win 10 21H2 - No & Full Soft

The original Win 10 21H2 Pro installer (Update Build 19044.1620) was used to create Ghost Win 10 21H2, which removed extraneous programs while maintaining Defender and Store.

Except for activating Net Framework 3.5 and WinRAR, the no-soft version installs no software.

Before backup, the ghost was optimized, modified, serviced, and so on.

You may utilize the digital license activation tools, Windows Update, and Defender after installation by going to the C:Extra folder.

Personalize none of the Windows's components.

Download Ghost Win 10 21H2



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Win10.April.2022.Lehait.iso5.87 GB9f055557ddfc3b5dfec8baee88dddc4b
UEFI Win10.April.2022.Lehait.tib5.61 GBfe065b910c5028b2c9d790abc0616862