products and services provided by Google


products and services provided by Google to accomplish your tasks and make your life easier

“Our job is to organize information and make it available to everyone around the world in a way that benefits them.” “The importance of technology stands out strongly when it is practically applied in various fields around the world.” You may wonder to what extent Google has achieved its motto in integrating technology in various areas of life, all under the umbrella of Google with its products and services. 

I tell you that the matter goes beyond search and e-mail, but we can say that Google has become an integrated world of programs, applications, services and electronic devices that aim to facilitate the lives of its users, whether they are companies or individuals. The most important products that Google has provided to date are:

1. Search Engine

It is the most used search engine around the world and is the first and main product of Google. If you want to get any information, from anywhere and in more than one language, you only have to write a text for what you are looking for on the search rectangle to show you search results in fractions of a second. To make it easier to get results related to what you want to search more accurately, Google has developed custom search engines, and here are some of them:

  • Scholar Google is a search engine that allows you to search and find a wide range of articles, scientific research and academic theses.
  • Google Books to find published and scanned books and browse and read books.
  • Flight search engine “ Google Flight ” is a search engine that allows you to search for tickets for flights.
  • Patent search engine “ Google Patents ” to search and view patents in all fields.
  • The Google Shopping search engine allows you to search for products on online shopping sites and compare prices between several sellers.

2. Google products for communication and publication

Google provides a set of applications and tools through which to communicate effectively and conduct business conferences. From email to sending and receiving messages with the ability to join Hangout Meet video chats. It has also developed a set of special applications for video calls and business meetings, including:

  •  Google meet is a video communication service with which you can create and join high-quality video meetings.
  •  Google due, an application for video calls and voice chats available for Android and iOS devices, with several advantages, more privacy and security.
  •  Google chat helps teams and businesses collaborate easily and efficiently from anywhere with multiple options ranging from direct messages to group chats. This application allows you to communicate securely with anyone and takes teamwork to the next level through conversations, files and shared tasks.

If you are a content creator, Google has tools and products to help you create and publish your content, including:

  • Google Blogger Blogs You can create an electronic blog, publish your interests and share your content with others on the “Blogger” site from Google.
  • Google Sites “Google Sits” is a service provided by Google for building websites and the way it works is similar to the way a wiki works.
  • Google Forms is a tool for creating questionnaires and opinion polls.
  •  Google Docs is an office suite for creating, editing, sharing and publishing documents through Google Drive.

3. Google Education Services

Google offers a set of tools that help to improve the level of education and help educational institutions to improve the learning environment by integrating part of the technology through “Google Workspace Education” and provides four versions of them, where there is a free version of them; “Google Workspace Education Fundamental”, which includes a package of tools that provide opportunities for learning through a secure platform, including:

Classroom), Meet Google, Drive, Docs, Forms, Slides, Chat, Gmail, Google Calendar) Other versions also include improved features and learning.

4. Google products for institutions and commercial activities

Google has allowed large and small companies and business owners the ability to manage their activities, accomplish their business, and contribute to the growth of business activities through a group of applications collected in one place through the “ Google Workspace ” platform , which was known as “G-Suite” and through which:

  1. Store and share files using the “Drive” cloud storage.
  2. Protect corporate data with easy management of endpoints and security settings.
  3. Google My Business is a tool created to help businesses manage their online presence by creating a Google Business Profile and is a combination of an online directory of business websites and their social media profile.

5. Special tools for software developers

Google has developed a set of tools for Google Developers . Through this site, you can get all the available tools and programs that will help you as a software developer to accomplish your tasks, and here are some of them:

  • App engine provides users with the ability to create and host web applications on the Google infrastructure.
  • Android Developers Provides Android SDK tools and API documentation.
  •  Fastlane is an open source platform that automates every aspect of the development and release process for Android and iOS apps.
  •  Firebase provides the tools and infrastructure to create better mobile and web applications, improve application quality, and grow businesses.

6. Operating systems

  • Android Android is a free and open source operating system based on the Linux kernel designed primarily for touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android system was developed by the Open Alliance for Mobile Phones operated by Google.
  •  Chrome OS is a free, open-source operating system developed by Google that powers Chromebooks, such as Windows that power some laptops, and is easy to use with access to Google Play.
  • Fuchsia OS is the latest operating system that Google seeks to develop so that it works on computers and smartphones and gives importance to improving performance and maintaining security in the devices that will work with this system.

7. Electronic hardware products

Google's possession of a base of software and operating systems and its use of artificial intelligence to provide useful solutions, all of this helped in its quest to develop types of electronic devices "Hardware" that meet the needs of companies and individuals around the world. Among the most important devices that Google provided:

  •  Pixel smartphones and the latest version “pixel 6” and “pixel 6 pro” are characterized by their fast performance and lower power consumption, with the presence of the Google Tensor chip, and the camera equipped with the phone is also characterized by high accuracy and comes with the feature of supporting applications for the design of Material You on Android 12 available on Pixel devices .
  •  Chromebooks Easy-to-use laptops with long-lasting batteries and running the Google Chrome system, meaning that you can install apps from Google Play These computers have become an essential part of the educational process and are the best option when using Google Workspace Education in educational institutions.
  •   Google Nest Hub is one of the best smart home products that works in sync with the voice assistant, touchpad and control panel, allows control of all connected home devices through the screen, and responds to voice commands.
  •  Wear OS watches to monitor daily activity and exercise tracking, measure heart rate, pay online with Google Pay, sync a calendar with Google accounts, turn on Google Maps, display notifications, answer calls and messages, alarm and stopwatch.

Google products can be obtained from devices it manufactures through the Google Store , which sells Google Pixel devices and Google-operated Stadia and Nest devices.

Thus, Google has been able to deservedly make a difference in the field of technology, as it every year develops its products and announces a new set of applications, hardware and software, which makes it an integrated technology company that can, with what it offers, accomplish all your tasks without the need to move to other platforms or companies.