Back pain a week before period


Back pain a week before period

Most of the time, the menstrual cycle is accompanied by many other symptoms that are annoying and painful, and which cause discomfort to women, whether during the period of the menstrual cycle or several days before it. We get to know the causes of these symptoms, with some tips to avoid the effects and pain of these symptoms.

menstrual period

The period of the menstrual cycle is a short period ranging between 3 and 7 days, in this period of the month a lot of hormonal changes often occur in a woman’s body, there is no doubt that the change of hormones in a woman’s body continues throughout the month in the form of a cycle of between 23 and 33 A day, but in this particular period, the change in hormones has a strong impact on the woman, both physically and psychologically, as blurring is accompanied by many other symptoms.

Symptoms associated with menstruation

The symptoms that accompany the menstrual cycle differ from one woman to another, but mostly there are some common symptoms among women, which are as follows:

First, premenstrual symptoms

the appearance of acne;
Water retention in the body.
Breast enlargement with pain.
Stomach and digestive disorders.
Mood changes and anxiety.
Increased vaginal secretions.
Second, symptoms associated with menstruation
Pain in your abdomen and pelvic area.
the pain is in the lower back.
general fatigue
constipation or diarrhea;

Causes of symptoms associated with menstruation

Now that we know some of the symptoms that accompany and precede the menstrual cycle, we will learn together about most of the causes of these symptoms.

First, during this period, as we mentioned, the hormones change dramatically, affecting several things. 

The change in the body’s hormones causes an increase in the secretion of skin fat.

Therefore, acne appears, and the rise in estrogen causes the increase in vaginal secretions with a headache.

The hormone prolactin also causes the breasts to become stony and swollen due to the activity of the mammary glands, and with all these hormonal changes that the body is going through, it is natural for a woman to be known for fatigue and general fatigue with pain in the entire body.

Causes of back pain a week before period

Often the reason for the presence of back pain a week before the period is the presence of contractions that occur in the uterus during this period.
Which causes back and abdominal pain and stomach upsets as well, and these pains can be avoided by putting something warm on the abdomen and back and staying warm while drinking herbal tea.

How to avoid menstrual problems

The severity of PMS symptoms often differs from one woman to another. If you feel very tired, it is recommended to visit a doctor, but in normal cases it is possible to avoid these effects through the following:

First, you should do light exercise regularly before and during your period, as it improves mood, relaxes the body and reduces cramps.
During your period, make sure to stay in a warm place, and place a bowl of hot water or a warm towel near your pelvic area to relieve pain.
Some herbal teas can also be taken to relieve menstruation, such as cinnamon, chamomile or star anise tea.

Do yoga to avoid all stress and mood swings during this period.
At the end of our article, and after we got acquainted with all the purposes that women suffer from during and before the menstrual cycle, the causes of these symptoms, and how to prevent them, we hope that you have benefited, and we advise every woman to take good care of herself, especially during this period of pregnancy.