Earn money with your Facebook page


Earn money with your Facebook page

There are a lot of people who have Facebook pages with more than 2K followers but they don't really know how to monetize their page. On this article I give you 07 tips to learn how to monetize your Facebook page.

1. Mistakes to avoid on your Facebook page:

To start earning from your Facebook page, it is essential to take these famous points seriously; First, you must have a Facebook page with at least " 2,000 followers". Then, the advice that follows is that you should never " buy" subscribers because they will never be active on your page, and 99% of these subscribers never act on the promotions that you will share on your page, because quite simply it is " buying" subscribers who just allow the increase in the number appearing on your page (an increased number just for appearance) and because these subscribers are not really interested in what you do or to your content! so be careful!  

So what is the solution? and how should it be done? There are many legal ways to increase the number of subscribers of your page and to bring them and accompany them in order to take action i.e. to have active subscribers or a strong community which is interested in your content.

2. Followers you need to have on your page

Generally, we earn money thanks to the affiliation on our Facebook page, some think that the affiliation is realized by making only sales, but " the idea is wrong" because, it is necessary to know that the operation of affiliation  is not only based on sales but on several foundations.

This is why you must already think about having subscribers generally from Europe ,  the United States of America, Canada ,  England  and Australia . I gave you these countries because the majority of advertisers (BRAND ) choose these countries for their products or services.

From the creation of your Facebook page, try to focus on a single category of products (Niche ), so try to work with professionalism , for example if you sell products for women, you should not put promotions on the products of animals, because you will lose all your subscribers and they will no longer be interested in your services. Try to use quality images as well as a marketing strategy to put in place to attract a maximum of subscribers who will take action and be active and more than active subscribers but with the power of the marketing strategy that you will use and the excellence of your products and services you will retain them.

3. How do I find products to promote on my page?

To find products to promote on your Facebook page, there are several affiliate platforms that can accept your Facebook page as an affiliate.

On one of these platforms, you can register only with your Facebook page. After doing the registration, you will find that there are more than 500 brands present on these platforms who are looking for publishers who will promote their products, to increase the level of marketing.

Advertisers offer publishers several ways to promote their services. Here are some examples :

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) :
If you choose the CPA ( Cost per acquisition ), the advertiser pays the publisher only when the Internet user performs a particular action predefined in the IO: a purchase on the site. The remuneration can be fixed (Example €10 per sale made) or can be variable (Example: 10% of the basket). The advertiser's objective for using CPA is above all to generate sales and increase its turnover.

CPL (Cost per Lead) :
CPL  (Cost per lead)  is a model in which the advertiser pays a fixed price for each lead generated. Examples of this could be a user signing up for a mailing list or some other form of subscription.

CPC (Cost Per Click) :
The advertiser pays a publisher as soon as a user clicks on his advertising banner or on an email delivered. More and more advertisers are favoring CPC  (Cost per click)  for result-based campaigns in order to guarantee a high-performance ROI.

4. CPA, CPL, CPC which to choose for your page?

If you do not have a website, I advise you to choose only "  the CPA"  and "  the CPL"  because the CPC requires a website and generally advertisers do not accept clicks from social networks.

But before you start publishing advertisers' products, you must already pustulate and get accepted.

5. How to apply for an advertiser?

When you sign up for an affiliate platform, you won't have access to immediately publish advertisers' products, because you must first start choosing advertisers who offer products in the same category as the one you are. have chosen for your Facebook page.

Example: if you have chosen  CPL  then you can search for advertisers who offer  CPL  and you must read the conditions of the advertiser: if he accepts social networks then apply for this program.

You can apply to more than 20 programs so that you have at least 3-5 that will accept you. After obtaining the agreement of these advertisers, you must contact them before publishing their products on your page in order to highlight the respect of the general conditions of each advertiser.

6. The Best CPL Affiliate Platform

1 – I present to you 02 of the best platforms that will pay you up to 7€ on each new prospect who goes through your affiliate link.

“  Daisycon  ”  : Since its launch in 2000, is one of the leading agencies providing performance-based online marketing services. It provides affiliate marketing and lead generation services to businesses of all types and sizes.

2 – “  Affilae  ”  is a next generation software as an affiliate and performance marketing platform providing real-time tracking, attribution and analytics for your own internal performance marketing networks.

Affilae is a white label SaaS performance marketing solution that directly enables advertisers, agencies, networks and media buyers to control, manage and track their online affiliate advertising programs.

7. How to put a marketing strategy in place

A marketing strategy is a plan of action to achieve your short- and long-term marketing and business goals. Thanks to an effective marketing strategy, you develop your reputation, you target prospects likely to buy your products/services, understand their needs in order to transform them into customers, then build their loyalty and thus increase sales and increase your turnover.