The best advertising networks to monetize your site


The best advertising networks to monetize your site

Do you need to call on an advertising agency? Not sure which one to choose? Do not panic, we will give you all the necessary information so that you can easily know the best ones right now!

Google AdSense: the best-known advertising network

The first advertising agency we could talk about is none other than Google AdSense. And for good reason, you cannot miss the latter. Indeed, it is the best known and the one to which we are heading without looking any further. 

What is particularly significant with this advertising network is quite simply the fact that all niches can be found there. Indeed, the advertising network is relatively large. However, it should still be noted that you must have significant traffic. However, many sites work with this advertising network and its very profitable.

Ezoic: for a perfect user experience

Ezoic is the second advertising network we could talk about in this article. Indeed, it is important to note that the latter will make you earn more money without necessarily increasing your traffic. Why? Quite simply because it allows you to test advertising placements, sizes and publishers to find the perfect combination and above all the one that best suits your target. Thus, you will have better optimized advertisements and which will allow you to generate more money.

Mediavine: to double the income of your blog

Mediavine is also an ad network you can think of when you want to make money from your blog. Indeed, it should be noted that the management of the latter is completely adapted. You should know that this advertising network works with the biggest ad exchanges and the biggest advertisers so that you can take advantage of the best possible advertising inventory.

AdThrive: a relevant advertising network

If you want to double or even triple your income, it will be perfectly possible to do so with an advertising network like AdThrive. The latter was built by a couple of bloggers who were looking to help other people increase their income. It should be noted that this advertising network also offers video monetization, the publisher's dashboard, learning tools and even expert support. Note also that you can benefit from the advice of a team of users who are experienced in the field of advertising.

Monumetric: for a different strategy

The last advertising agency we could tell you about is none other than Monumetric. The latter adopts a somewhat different strategy from the platforms we have studied above. These are advertisements based on your content that may be displayed. It should also be noted that these will be in accordance with the interests of the visitors.

In conclusion, using an advertising agency to monetize your blog can be a really good idea. We hope that these few examples will help you make a choice and that you can easily find the one that suits you best!