Shadow Pokemon Bug Sparks Concerns in Pokemon Go Community


Shadow Pokemon Bug Sparks Concerns in Pokemon Go Community

The Pokemon Go community is currently abuzz with concerns surrounding a bug related to Shadow Pokemon, impacting the Timeless Travels season's Meta. As the community navigates through new game mechanics and changes brought by the season, a notable bug affecting Shadow Pokemon stats is causing a stir.

This specific bug is tied to the Individual Values (IV) spreads of Shadow Pokemon, which determine their stats, leading to species not displaying the correct information. Consequently, obtaining Shadow Pokemon with viable stats for Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) activities has become more challenging for players.

The issue gained attention when Reddit user 'DanielHorta10' initiated a discussion, highlighting that Shadow Pokemon's IVs frequently fall below the standard, with an average distribution of 12/45. This sparked a conversation about the consistency of IV distributions, raising questions about whether the bug is affecting certain Pokemon disproportionately.

Drawing parallels to a similar bug in 2016, where Pokemon closer to the cap number in the Pokemon Go Pokedex had more even IV spreads, users within the community are collaborating to analyze specimen data. 'rxt0' volunteered to contribute a significant sample size for analysis, indicating a collective effort to identify affected Shadow Pokemon.

Despite these efforts, the majority of the community, and possibly even the game developer Niantic, remains unaware of the bug. Members of TheSilphRoad subreddit anticipate a time-consuming process to identify all affected Pokemon.

The article concludes by expressing a commitment to updating readers on any announcements from Niantic regarding a fix and the community's progress in identifying the Pokemon impacted by the bug. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go trainers are gearing up for the Rowlet Community Day and the upcoming Raid Day featuring the debut of Hisuian Typhlosion.